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oscilloscope lcd Customers Reviews

  • jaaphooi

    posted by jaaphooi

    it's a good scope for simple things for a quick measuring of some signals,you got a good overall view of all settings and it's very compact (my phone is bigger)
    Nice to have with you (in my case)It's a good tool to use in som situations to see if there are disruptions in a bus line or a circuit,it is fast enough to see that.
    Worth the moneyLook's good work's fine ,compact and good display batery time is also good and charge on usb (laptop).
  • shows OK digital signals up to 100 Mhz, menu quite intuitive

    posted by 2yseee

    shows OK up to 100 Mhz digital signals, menu is quite intuitive (though reading the booklet is a must for some functions). The PrtScr button is a very quick way to get screen snapshot (settings values are shown nicely in same snapshot).
    [ FYI The Model and version I checked is UTD2052CL, HW ver 2.00 , SW ver 1.09 ]4. For a person used to work with top of line D.S.O's, main feature I miss here is smarter trigger (especially smart pre-trigger chain, e.g. rise at channel 1, delay or events of of at least ... , and another rise on same channel) note that real power is achieved with 2nd channel and 2nd trigger level - requires more HW, maybe some improvements could be added just in SW) 5. BTW I want to believe PC SW issue will be resolved. But if one builds expectations, then note that the SW offers only manual operation via GUI (mouse +KBD), while the "ultimate" testing needs the ability to access the PC SW from your own tester program (through FTP / ActiveX / ect...)
    At the time being, I believe it is the best standalone scope for its price, especially if you just want to see signals up to ~100Mhz and do not really need more than keeping snapshots of the screen.
  • Packed really well, very pleased with my DS1052E

    posted by Rascalator

    I was a little concerned about spending this amount of money for something from such a long way away - I'm in UK. However, all is well. The product was very well packed and worked out of the box. Power lead was not to UK standard but snipped off the supplied one to reveal standard colour coded cable. Could have used a standard IEC cable but couldn't find one quickly.
    My unit was not a 'hackable' version as at 2011/3/15 but we live in hope.
    I'm not too disappointed it isn't hackable - prevents me bricking it!
  • Kind of good one

    posted by xxkip

    It really lightweight and surprisingly small. Have a nice advanced customizable settings and can be tuned and calibrated. I've calibrated it using Flux, but this device is not very precise, so any multimeter is enough for calibration. BUT CALIBRATION IS MANDATORY! Level is very off.Remember that you can and must save your settings after tuning... you can find a button combination on a web, sorry, I already forgot.
    Well, it is easy to note that actually that was a MP3/Video Player! That's it... all the sockets, event test signal wire - it was a pin for a holding strip for a player (to wire it on neck or hand, sorry I don't know how this belt usually called in English). In this item even button labels remains as it was for MP3 player. Just funny :) but this doesn't bother me.
    I'm generally analyzing 5V TTL schemas, so not very demanding to frequency and micro volts...
  • DS-203

    posted by warmen2

    Its relatively easy to operate when you figure it out.Its compact, portable and it has output generator (square, lowbitrate-sinewave, triagnle, saw) with adjustable frequency.2-analog inputs, and 2 digital.Battery big enough to finish your measurement, without need of charging. :)
    If you search for relatively cheap oscilloscope that can show PWM, and you are okay with a little inaccuracy of measured voltage (+-10%), then its yours.If i was looking for pocket oscilloscope it will be definitely next buy.
    Max input voltage 80VppCharged via USB, runtime on battery havent found yet. (1000mah lipo) - pl384070I recommend, when you buy it, to remove the back cover and adujst those sharp points on it that could damage the battery.

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