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  • Loved the article!

    posted by Rasulik

    Easy, fast, sensitive, lights, lots of buttons, long cord, versatile, easy to hand rests etc.
    I want to say that if it is well suited to play in the game for her as I do and I'm working. If you have purchased this product and saw two buttons next to the mouse wheel with a pattern of plus and minus it means that: increases the sensitivity of the mouse plus and the minus of course reduces the sensitivity, so that you do not accidentally reduce the sensitivity of the atom itself will be tormented in the games! Tested on games such as: Left 4 Dead 2, Batlefield 3, 4, Call of Duty MW3, Black Ops 1, 2, Ghost, and many others
    In the end, I want to say and wish you all a pleasant game!
  • Very good quality and very good price

    posted by FpsBelgium

    In terms of the quality of the object, it is very good. At the price, I think we can not do less. (Personally, I looked in the stores in my area (in belgium) and is three times the price of DX!
    The expedition was quite short because I received my package within 20 days ovrables (shipping from China to Belgium-Europe)
    The duration of the transmission and reception was very short. The package was in good condition and state of the object was nickel.
  • Good

    posted by fmaniezo

    Fits nice in hands. The price amazed me. It's a steal!!! Strong cable, I think it won't break easily. The 2 additional buttons let you go back and forward web pages. But it can be customized in games. It is also very beautiful. There's a rub to increase grip with your thumb as well.
    Well, this mouth was exactly what I saw on the ad! Buy it, you won't regret it. Nice deal
    Excellent wired mouseReal value-for-money. Considering the price and the free shipping, the mouse delivers
  • Beautiful mouse

    posted by marcellosacht

    Nice design. - Good price. - Nice grip. - Adjustable DPI. - Cool looking LED lights and logo is lit up.
    Like mentioned above, would be nice if the user was able to turn off the LED lights manually, now its on all the time.
    Good mouse for a nice price, the design can be compared with the bigger and known brands although its a fraction of the price. Good response rate and had no errors so far on Windows 7.
  • Great gaming Mouse

    posted by PORSCHEAG

    Very likely this mouse. It is very buy very great for have a good prescion. It have good materials, nice color, it have a very good precision to point and dont any problem using it. Very good cuality, very improved optical sensor!!!!!!!! For its price, it is good. Nothing more to say
    I recomend to buy it, if you want a good mouse. But there are better mouses.
    recommended to buy it

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