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  • UMD Fix

    posted by cad-kid

    Comparing the original with this one - the only diference was this one had a shiny sticker on one cable. It even has the same model number stamped into the metal. Great price too!
    What you see is what you get - save the screws and gromits from your old UMD drive as you will need them.
    If you can take your PSP apart and put it back together again this will be a great purchase for you.
  • My internal DVD-RW is now external :)

    posted by TheMikLad

    Once all is connected up with the 2 x included USB cables, the drive is detected straight away (i.e exactly the same as connecting an external CD-ROM drive to the computer.), and you now have access to an external optical drive :)
    Works as it should, and once assembled with your internal drive inside, it performs perfectly.
    This does exactly what it should :)
  • Easy to use optical drive

    posted by soundhound

    Runs DVD's very well.Light weight.Small.Windows 7 detected it right away.
    Don't use the drivers on the supplied disc, no point.
    A very easy to use little drive. Worth the buy.
  • Very good dvd-rom drive for Nintendo Wii

    posted by limmy

    Good replacement dvd-rom drive for Nintendo Wii.
    Easy to replace. Once you have opened your Wii, you only have to remove 4 screws and disconnect to 2 ribbon cables to replace your faulty drive.
    Works great.
    I think the price is good, actually compared to what i have found it is cheap.
    I think it's a very good item. Very useful is your dvd-rom drive needs to replaced.
    Packaging was ok, the drive was not damaged.
    Price is great and shipment is fast.
  • Fine method of connecting an optical drive to a USB port

    posted by Hagenaars

    The sata controller works fine, getting reasonable speeds through USB 2.0The housing is sturdy, compact and the pads included in the package reduce vibration to a very acceptable level.
    After finding out how the housing works, the install is fairly straight forward (less then 5 minutes of work).
    If you have a spare optical drive and your laptop has no space for it (because you've replaced it with SKU: 59276, a sata drive bay), this is a good option.

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