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These cool optical digital audio are high quality and at affordable prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. People who browse optical digital audio also browse analog digital audio and digital audio optic. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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optical digital audio Customers Reviews

  • Cheap but Great Product

    posted by wsoelivan

    1. Cheap, cheap, cheap! Why buy few bucks more when you can get the same quality for cheaper?
    2. Build quality is acceptable. Not the best, but does its job well and lasting more than a year and a half and still counting (Proud owner since Aug 2010).
    3. Sound quality. I'm using the cable to connect my iMac to external DAC. Some audiophiles believe cables make a huge difference. However, I don't put myself in this category. This cable does its job well!
    I would have preferred this cable to look more sturdy, but hell this one is $4 delivered. What more can you ask?
    If you're searching for toslink to mini-toslink for your Apple PC mostly, then this is the best you can get. Value for performance. I don't think you'll find anywhere else this cheap.
    I might sound like a good sales-marketing, but trust me it's a great product.
  • good looking cable, works just fine

    posted by Trajak

    it looks and work very good. For now without problems connecting my PC and Denon AVR. Denon detect digital signal, DTS and etc.
    Toslink Connectors could be better
    I expected a better cable and Connectors quality but I don't have any complaint about cable functionality
  • Perfect kit for XBOX 360

    posted by michelpf

    Nice price and the kit is really usefull. Is has all we need to connect HDMI to the television and the Tos Link (fiber channel) to the sound system, in my case, to my Home Theather System.
    Could fix the bug mentioned here.
    Right price and a nice kit to play with all quality of video and sound, your preferred game titles.
  • Works Perfectly

    posted by versefromthekeg

    It does exactly what it is supposed toIt is very long in lengthIt is of decent qualityThe packaging was good, it had clips to cover the lazer point
    I've got this in my bedroom to connect my speakers to my TV (everything routes to the TV via HDMI), but my speaker connection is under my bed so I need a long cable to hide around the walls, I put a run over a visible section and roll over it with my office chair all the time, doesn't seem to upset it after a couple of months of doing this.
    Get one if you need one of this length, works find some say 5m is max but not in my findings.
  • works, but fitting is not tight enough

    posted by mrtvykenny

    cheap TOSLINK cable, basically works as intended. I use it to connect my ps3 to home theater system. I chose this one, because i wanted to have a different colour-cable to recognise all my connections easily.
    bought samsung LED tv and home cinema and had to also buy a optical (toslink) switch, because my new tv doesnt do surround sound passthrough, so all the digital devices must be connected directly to the home theatre (reciever), which had only one optical input..
    this time i would buy another one, even if it would be the same colour as the others (black) and i would solve the recognising of the cables some other way...

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