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oolong tea Customers Reviews

  • Good tea but not what I expected

    posted by drTr0jan

    Price says everything. For a tea lover this is a real bargain: you getting so much real Chinese tea for a such low price. In my city there is nothing even close to this deal.
    Color and smell are good. Quality is unbeatable: there are no "dust", only tealeafs.
    By my estimations, one pack is good enough for about 4 cups of tea.
    And my package consisted of 12 packs while DX description says it should was 13.
    Good tea for a great price.
  • oolong tea

    posted by LenaE

    Tea has a pungent and pleasant taste. At tea, a wonderful golden color. Tea has a delicious aroma. You can make tea three times. The most delicious and beautiful tea leaves are obtained on the second brewing.
    I love the clean taste of tea without additives and flavorings. This variety of tea tastes clean and very nice.
    My friends like to drink my tea at a party. They appreciated this sort. I'm going to order this tea again, but at the price it seems to me a little more expensive than similar teas at the store near my house.
  • Good tea

    posted by skocko76

    -a lot of good Chinese tea-fresh 2012 tea (or at least freshly rebaked)-tastes great - truly divine-genuine Dahongpao, appearance, color of the tea
    -It smells as rain in Autumn forest: as wet dry leaves.. smokey notes also. The smell doesn't fit me well, but it tastes much much better.
    It is good tea. really good for the price. The smell and taste is a bit "overbaked" for my liking, so try a tester of Dahongpao before ordering a lot of it.Never order tinned tea.. the tin gets beaten up in the mail.
  • I recommend to buy

    posted by Positive1

    Finally it was my long-awaited tea! Packed very well in the first batch and then a double paper. Leaves curled just fine. When brewed they unwind. Debris, branches in tea is not found! Sealed very well, can be up to 8 times, pungent taste, mild, not bitter, it smells good! Tonic. In general, real oolong, at a low price. Use it every day.
    Real oolong, recommend to buy as low cost, high volume, for a daily tea. This tea is suitable as a gift, but you must buy a gift box.
    Buy, does not regret, 0.5 kg, at a low price - Thanks DX!
  • Goood sweet tea!

    posted by Eeddio

    Accuracy packed. Something new taste. Big brown twisted leafs. Sweet light taste. Your must brew it fora longer time that simple tea. Relaxing and toning effect. Very good packaged. Good looking and attracting package bags. Nice looking plastic packing box. Average good and rare product. Very lucky to receive andg tasting this product.
    Fast delivery to destination country.
    Another one extraordinary tea. Good smell and taste. Want to taste more sorts.

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