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On this page, you can find a wide selection of one touch. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Your support is our greatest motivation.

one touch Customers Reviews

  • Perfect!

    posted by jomiyu

    -USB 3.0 (super speed)-You can connect 2 SATA drives and operate with both at the same time-You can backup one drive with one click***Spanish:-USB 3.0 (super velocidad)-Se pueden conectar 2 discos SATA y operar con ellos a la vez-Se puede copiar un disco duro con sólo presionar un botón.
    Perfect. I am going to store my info in hard disk drives instead DVDs or BluRays, I can plug and play my drives easy and fast.***Spanish:Es perfecto. Voy a almacenar mis datos en discos duros en vez de en DVDs o BlueRays, así puedo conectar mis discos rápida y fácilmente.
    Perfect to manage SATA drives. It is very easy and very fast (usb 3.0 is teorically ten times faster than usb 2.0)***Spanish:Perfecto para administrar discos SATA, es muy fácil y sobre todo muy rápido (teoricamente el usab 3.0 es diez veces más rápido que el usb 2.0).
  • Practical. Useful. Cheap.

    posted by SScout

    It work with high gas cartridges and has simple installation procedure: "Push and Turn".Simple in use with Piezo ignition and wide range of power change.It has wide range of use.I use it for:- start fire in barbeque and in forest camp (There is a winter in my country now);- welding;- for work with metal to make it more flexible;- in handcrafting for heating parts if it is needed (I were use my kitchen stove before I buy this gas torch).
    I like it.
    I recommend to buy this gas torch.Gas torch as this have bigger price in shop near with me.
  • Good, cheap, digitizer replacement

    posted by maxter

    It does its work as the original nexus one digitizer screen
    This is a cheap replacement, does its job
    If you had bad luck as me, but you have the knowledge or the will to replace it, you have to do it. It was a huge accomplishment replacing the screen by myself!
  • Great purchase

    posted by Magnus1990P

    Works like a charm. Unscrew your hard drive and mount it, then you can wipe the whole thing, back it up or do forensics if thats needed.Mount several HDDs and you can copy the contents betweend HDDs or use the "button", but I chose the first option since it is more controllable.Has IDE support for old disks.Works automatically with MacBook Pro.
    Great purchase and is reccomended
  • Versatille

    posted by marchiotto

    Easy to use. Fits in both PATA and SATA HDD drives and have USB 2,0 and E-Sata connections. When in use in E-Sata data transfer is pretty much like an internal installed HDD.
    Never tried the clone function to know if it works well.
    Today I would prefer a model with two SATA drives instead of PATA and SATA but It´s a great device that fits in my expectations!

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