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on off 12v Customers Reviews

  • Excellent switch and Great Value

    posted by Flybie

    Excellent switch for the price, The LED is bright and reflects very well around the safety cover when it is in the On position.Very easy to use just flick the safety cover up and this will expose the toggle switch which is very easily put in the On position by pushing upwards, this will illuminate the LED inside the safety cover and to switch off just push the safety to the closed position and this in turn knocks the toggle switch to the Off position. The build quality is good and looks like it could withstand the normal every day use of your car.
    It could come with a wiring diagram for those people who do not know how to wire a switch with a light in it.
    If you need a switch like this or you just want to make your car look really cool this is for you and you can not go wrong with the price.
  • Nice switch AND IT'S BACKLIT!

    posted by HowlinMad

    Very nice arcade style button, will fit 25mm panel hole, and accommodate panel thickness to 15mm. Design will tolerate moderate abuse. Although not mentioned in the description, this button has an isolated (separate connections) LED backlight.
    It's not waterproof, but would probably survive outdoors if vertically mounted - a door bell for example. It's a very nice switch and you're not going to find one like it on this side of the ocean for 3x the price. The backlight is a great bonus - i wish I would have known beforehand - I would have bought 50.
    If you're looking at this product asking yourself "Should I"? The answer is yes you should, and buy spares for future projects.
  • Decent Switches

    posted by axemaniac

    Decent switcheswanted switches for my carwanted a little light on switch so that it is visible on/offswitch was to be hidden below dashboard and seatsso light function is very importantred light is seen from far away and does not look goodso choice was for green light as it is soothing colourso far all 5 switch are good and are usefulcurrently testing of circuit to be fitted in car is on, switches work finecant write any more, as these are just normal switches with a green light on them
    may buy blue ones next if needed to differentiate switches
    if you need it, buy it
  • Surprising Quality

    posted by seive

    Seems to be built solidly I work as an auto mechanic I have installed switches that cost 3times as much as these and don't feel near as well built as this one. The price is unbelievable for a switch of this quality. Led light in switch means you don't have to get a remote light to remind you the switch is on.
    The protective cover much more solid than I was expecting.
    Have already ordered more of these switches.
  • A cheap waterproof switch

    posted by Pjanus

    A very cheap switch compared to others available on the swedish market. Seems to be of a very rugged construction and able to handle large currents
    Good to use as a starting switch for a motor, but a little bit unsure about how waterproof it actually is.
    Look like a good device for a fair price.

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