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omni directional antenna Customers Reviews

  • Excelent Cost vs Benefits

    posted by Magros

    * Good quality of all parts. * Antenna Omni-Directional.* Excelente Base. We can fix using a good double face tape on wall or another place.* Actually give us a real sinal gain. A little % cause the antenna itself and a more % cause we can put in a place with better receiving.* Even using the long cable, the signal is kept.
    A simple double face tape would be good among parts in the package
    If you need to put signal on that desktop in your far away corner in your house/apartment, buy it and be happy.
  • Excellent product

    posted by ronzinn

    Good and solid unit. Very good price. A similar unit in Canada would be at least twice the price
    This unit is very good for getting a wifi from a distance. I use this for a webcam in the country where I have to pick up a wifi signal from more than a kilometer away. The unit is mounted on a 6 meter pole and I use a signal booster to get the signal. It works like a charm!
    If you use this unit like I do, you will need a signal booster and a good quality USB extension.
  • Can Be Useful

    posted by BoraDURSUN

    Has a suction cup base.
    I purchased this item thinking that it could increase the signal strenght of my 3G modem. However, it did not work. I don't know whether the problem is with the modem or the antenna.
    This item did not work for me. However, it may work for you -depending on the modem model, network frequancy and what you expect!-
  • Great signal!

    posted by burdo

    Iv'e got full signal inside of a concrete plant, where I didn't get any signal before.I used in my android phone and the results are brilliant.It's really easy to use, con it's only a connector that you need.It comes with the necessari cable to put the antenna little away of the phone if you need to.
    The clip helps to fix it on the top of the phone.It can be used in a lot of phones, look at the back of your phone for the correct connector type!
    Great deal if you have no signal in your home or work.
  • Bad base, Good antennas

    posted by orikron

    Really 2x7dB Omnidirectional + 1x8dB directional
    The antennas are really working!
    Realmente 2x7dB omnidireccionales y 1x8dB direccional
    Las antenas realmente funcionan!
    Buy it if you need the antennas to use it directly connected to device. The base is not good.
    Compralo si necesitas las antenas para utilizarlas directamente conectadas al dispositivo. La base no vale la pena
    3 antennas at this price ¡good!
    3 antenas por este precio ¡genial!


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