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omni directional antenna

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omni directional antenna Customers Reviews

  • Good

    posted by quanzo

    The workmanship of the antenna is decent. Connector to the modem is made of very soft metal and lepeski constantly decompress.
    Usefulness of the device rather subjective sense: when it is connected, you receive one division, and may not be so; modem previously often switch from 3g to edge, now does not.
    This antenna is used all the time, but its usefulness is questionable. It might be worth to reduce the price of this device.
  • Great

    posted by Samirr

    Can be used on any usb wireless adapter that has a removable antennaIncreases range really well, allows me to connect to my router on the ground floor(full bars) and I live in a 3 story villa with thick stone walls.Allows you to use 3 antennas of your choice instead of oneVery strong magnet on the bottom of the device, can attach anywhere on your desktop PC and it will not move at all, you might have to put some effort into removing it as well, thats how strong it is.
    I attached 3 11dBi RP-SMA Omnidirectional WiFi Antenna instead of the 3 antennas that came with this device, and its doing wonders for me. (even though the ones with the device were very good as well) Check it out here: http://www.dx.com/p/47783
    Great to use if you want to increase range and connectivity, definitely worth more than the price.
  • Omni Directional 12dBi Antenna

    posted by Poviking

    Really nice item, bought it for my 4G modem but it didn't fit so i had to modify the connector so it would, i live in a low singal place so my normal antenna would not pick up much of a signal. When i connected this antenna everything got faster. Jumped from Download:1.5MB/s UPLOAD:900kb/s up to 6MB/s Download and 3MB/s Upload.
    really good quality build.
    If you want a cheap antenna this is one to grab.
  • Build quality is slightly poor

    posted by fabianus

    Just a working antenna for Wifl Routers
    But connector is not firmly attached. needs a adjust in inner-hole widening
  • Great signal!

    posted by burdo

    Iv'e got full signal inside of a concrete plant, where I didn't get any signal before.I used in my android phone and the results are brilliant.It's really easy to use, con it's only a connector that you need.It comes with the necessari cable to put the antenna little away of the phone if you need to.
    The clip helps to fix it on the top of the phone.It can be used in a lot of phones, look at the back of your phone for the correct connector type!
    Great deal if you have no signal in your home or work.

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