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olympus lens adapter Customers Reviews

  • A very good and useful product.

    posted by malizair

    A very good and useful product.I have an old Tokina lens with Pentax PK bayonet. With this adapter can re-use it with PM1 Olympus camera. Attaching a lens to the adapter is easy and secure because the adapter has a pin that serves as a holding brake. When you want to take off the lens with the adapter, you must first press the pin and then unscrew the lens.
    All metal parts. Work for now.
    I would recommend this product to anyone with an old Pentax lens.
  • Functional, but need a slight improvement

    posted by JFMachado

    It's an adapter to use ANY F-mount lens on a m4/3 Body. It's self explainatory.It's EXTREMELY usefull to make movies using F-mount prime ou "fast"-zoom lenses, including lastest generations of G-type (gelded) lenses, which don't have an aperture ring.
    Attaches effortlessly to m4/3 bodies, and works as it should (after minor tweaks).As this is merely a physical adapter, there is no auto-focus transmission whatsoever, nor lens info being fed back to the camera.Heavy lenses that lack a tripod collar may put too much strain to the camera body if not hand-held, so beware.
    After the few fixes my unit needed, it works flawlessly. It allows me to use ALL of my Nikkor and third party F-mount lenses on my Olympus PEN.You will always have to guess your aperture; the only sure ones will be wide-open or fully-closed.This is not a very big issue: my PEN's Aperture-priority ("A") mode works based on light hitting the sensor, so it exposes no matter what aperture.The fixes mentioned above do not require any expertise. As long as you can use a screwdriver and pliers, it's very easy to adjust the adapter to perfection.Overall, recomended!
  • It's not 52mm

    posted by croffi

    Adapter made ??of metal. Great quality and resistant. Easy to use.
    I bought this adapter thinking it would fit on my Olympus SP-565UZ, but not fitted. It is only for model XZ-1.It has 58mm, not 52mm. (And does not exist the adapter 58mm for sale on DX).Adapter made ??of metal. Great quality and resistant. Easy to use.
    If you have an Olympus XZ-1 and 58mm lenses, buy it.Adapter made ??of metal. Great quality and resistant. Easy to use.It has 58mm, not 52mm.
  • Excellent Adapter

    posted by shafqat

    The material and workmanship on this OM to m4/3 adapter is first rate. The OM lens fits and comes off without much effort and infinity focus of the OM lens is maintained.
    All my excellent OM lenses are again usable on digital bodies now. I have also purchased a Fotga m42 to M4/3 adapter which has similar characteristics.
    Must buy for owners of OM lenses and a M4/3 body like OM pen series or Panasonic G series.
  • Allows you to use older lenses on new camera

    posted by funn3r

    I have an oldish Olympus E500 camera with a few four-thirds lenses (not micro four-thirds.) This adaptor lets me use those older lenses on newer micro four-thirds camera such as Panasonic GF3 and G3. The product description implies the reverse situation (putting new lens on old camera) but this is wrong! The adaptor is not just a piece of dead metal it has the right electrical contacts so that the lens auto-focus continues to work.
    If you have a lot of old lenses which you really like then you could buy this adaptor and it would work. In the end though you will wish you had just bought the correct more modern lenses.
    Worth it for the money. Not convinced it is totally a good idea in practical terms.

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