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oil steel Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Value Lighter

    posted by nitestick

    Surprisingly cheap, looks good, functions well, smooth action of flint wheel, easily filled, replaceable flint and wick.
    The pattern is quite psychedelic if that's your thing.
    I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a good value zippo type lighter or any of the Team Pistol range for that matter.Any minor flaws one might find in this lighter are easily overlooked by the fact you could buy 5 of these for the price of a genuine Zippo.
  • Zippo-Styled lighter that doesn't cost a fortune!

    posted by kengwei

    Where do I start? This lighter is absolutely amazing. It looks and feels great, and is very simple and elegantly classy. I bought a lot of these just because they were so nice and affordable. The fact that they actually come in a nice metal box is even more of a bonus, as this makes the lighters very good gifts. They're also very handy for doing lighter tricks. Basically everything about this lighter is quite good!
    Great lighter for anyone who either smokes or likes to burn things while looking classy at the same time!
    I strongly recommend these ligthers to anyone and everyone. Heck, buy multiples; I know I will as soon as I have more $$ in my Paypal account!
  • awesome oil lighter, cool design and color.

    posted by rgeo5

    Very nice design and colors (taste flavor),
    i love the tiger on top,
    'clicks' like it is supposed too for such oil lighters,
    the wick is long enough inside,
    i really like the dimensions too,
    you got the team pistols logo with the 2 guns, pretty cool.
    I am very happy with this oil lighter, very good deal, thanks to the team pistol. If you like the style and you are looking for an oil lighter then buy this one.
  • Decent, well-priced Zippo alternative..

    posted by fs1034

    Decent build quality. Nice, durable paint finish (not likely to come off without being scraped at pretty hard).
    Burns as well as any lighter, fairly windproof, easy flint mechanism.
    Overall fairly well built, with little to complain about. Looks like a real Zippo, even fairly close, and has a near similar build quality. Definitely can't go wrong for a quarter of the price of a Zippo (on DX no less), and definitely worth getting if you're even remotely interested.
    Not being a smoker myself, there isn't really any practical use for this, though it's still fun to carry around...
    Good price, surprisingly good build quality (for the price, and being a knockoff), and entirely usable as an alternative to the slightly more expensive Zippo.
    Worth it for anyone looking for this type of lighter, and not willing to spend the $$ for an actual Zippo.
  • Great product

    posted by jackwax

    The bottle is very easy to fill up, no spills when using and looks very good. The brushed stainless steel looks like high quality and goes well with the rest of my stainless steel appliances. It is a very good size for day to day cooking. The product is not heavy duty but it is still well constructed.
    Would make a great inexpensive gift.
    Great product at a great price. I would not hesitate to purchase this product again.

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