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obd2 diagnostic interface

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obd2 diagnostic interface Customers Reviews

  • Very small and usefull device to always have in car.

    posted by PeterKas

    Small size, Bluetooth interface, cheap.
    Being so small, you can keep it connected to car all the time, and use your monitoring software in your mobile phone anytime. Also usefull to clear engine check light when necesary.
    Good purchase, good value for money.
  • Cheap and good working OBDII interface

    posted by jejebe

    This OBDII interface is very small in size, so it's very easy to plug it in my car. I drive a Renault and it works super!With the free Android software Torque (Android Play Store) , you can read out a lot of information using a smartphone. The paid version of torque shows even more information.
    There is no Bluetooth code mentioned anywhere. In other ratings I found the code 6789, but that does not work on this one. The right Bluetooth code is 1234.
    A good working and cheap OBDII interface.My Phone has no problem with the combination of this interface and the factory built in Bluetooth handsfree kit in my car.This is the one to purchase!
  • easy to connect

    posted by gkaris

    Easy Bluetooth connection using the 12345 key word with the computer or the android phone.Fits perfectly with the male connector.It's very small and could be used even while driving, therefore you can analize also the performance while the engine is working.It already has the necessary sw to monitorize the engine.
    It's exactly as in the item description.
    Great tool to review the car and you can get a lot of information about the performance of the car.
  • Works great!

    posted by guidogoni

    Got it out of the bag and went straight to the car, no item configuration or any hard steps to start using it.
    It won't automatically connect with devices, code is asked every session, maybe its because of the type of bluetooth connection? Not really sure. Tried this on an Android Tablet and on 2 Android Phones, all the same behaviour.
    It works great, got all the values I needed on my Chevrolet Sonic ride.
  • Perfect for its price

    posted by PangaDayWalker

    Perfect for its price. Show the information on my android perfectly. I thought more info would be shown but the car doesn't allow it. So no products fault.
    If you want a dash board showing the car info, this is your product. I didn't use at all (so far) to clean any fault codes since the car is brand new.
    It is great to have invested 20 bucks on it. It took almost 2 month, but it was worth it. Maybe some day I will be able to buy something on deal and my local mail won't hold the package for such a long time. That was very annoying since I was anxious to get the product working in the car.

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