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obd2 auto diagnostic

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obd2 auto diagnostic Customers Reviews

  • Plugged it in and it worked!

    posted by RSW123

    - Comes with everything as described.- The Price (considering auto electricians will charge 60-80 dollars australian to look at your car for an hour)- Recognised my car (2005 Mazda 2)- Good size manual detailing its uses.- Carry bag has a handle on the top.- Good cable length, about 1.5m (5')
    I was uncertain whether it would work but it came through. I have not tried the software yet (don't really have a need either). I bought this to trouble shoot problems when the engine light comes on.
    My engine light came on and my car wasn't advancing the 'distributor' anymore. So after purchasing this it said the fault was 'P0327 knock sensor 1, circuit low bank 1 or single sensor'. The knock sensor was $70 from mazda. Unit and sensor = $146. Mazda price to replace, $250. Well worth the money. Plus I can help friends with their cars now....and maybe charge a carton on the side for the help :D
  • good gadget, work with windows

    posted by schayg

    Lightweight, works with windows well. Easy to set up, and operate. The bluetooth has a reasonable range of operation.
    A dedicated smartphone software could pump up the usability and fun.Windows mobile does not work with the CD, nor does iPhone 4.Android can be made working, but not all functions will work.
    good buy, also as a gadget to see the mesured values while driving.
  • Great product

    posted by ptavasci

    Excellent gadget useful to check your vehicle working conditions without being scammed by a mechanic.
    I used it with FiatEcuScan (now MultiEcuScan) on an Alfa Romeo 156 TS 2.0 2001 and worked like a charm. It helped me to make sure that it was the lambda oxygen sensor the one that was faulty. Haven't figured out yet if it can be used with Android Torque with my own car. Pair code is written on a text file within de provided CD.
    I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take control of the electronics within your car. Just make sure you know wich connector, protocol and software must use, depending on your vehicle.
  • Good and cheap

    posted by NobuX

    Easy to use as plug and connect to bluetooth OBDII device. Strong build, light weight and cheap. Supports many vehicles but not all OBD2... Free software includes.
    Don't buy this if you have VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA, you wil need VAG or VAS interface. Be sure what vehicle you want it to use, may not work.
    Cheap and good.ODB Device PIN: 1234Tested with notebook and android devices with TORQUE PRO.

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