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  • O-Rings!

    posted by ace-at-mind

    Hey, they're o-rings...These fit pretty well for the large end of my 9-LED flashlights I got from DX. Nice snug fit, but could be a little tighter. They are made of some great feeling material, you can tell they are very squishy and will last a great while.
    Don't know what else to use them for. I bought them for my flash-lights. I imagine they are useful for waterproofing and threaded fitting of the 26mm diameter variety.
    if you need this size o-ring, or just want little orange rings, get 'em!
  • Oodles of Os

    posted by llasher

    They are O rings
    Price per ring, based on current retail O ring surveys, is good
    O rings are good
    I bought a few different sizes of these for my torch collection. You can use them as spacers, or replacement rings for damaged ones. O is my favourite letter, after M (I mean, M is my first favourite, even though O is "after" M, in the English alphabet). It has the advantage of being compatible with rings. In fact, I don't think any other letter is as useful in ring format.
    Cheap Os, heaps of Os...You could say there are "Oodles of Os" and you could share/give them to your sister or your "bro"!
  • it glows!

    posted by aznericboi

    It has a nice glow especially after it is shown to a light. The rubber seems to be of fair quality since it didn't rip when I was pinching it. It fit nicely in the lens of my rc-n3. IT glows pretty bright after I turn off the flashlight.
    Good price for a good amount of O-rings. Rings are probably water tight and they also glow. It is a cool and cheap replacement for custom or modded flashlights.
  • Perfect for purpose

    posted by JCOM71

    I bought for a specific purpose, and the material serves perfectly in my flashlight, preventing against moisture and rain. Surely not serve to swim, but I did not expect all this.
    It would be interesting if it were sold in other quantities, to facilitate people who just want to repair any damaged product.
    Considering the price, quantity until it interferes with the purchase, but could be better utilized and less wasteful if it had purchased in smaller quantities.
  • 23mm Silicone O-Rings

    posted by lyonn

    - good price
    - made from silicone
    - looks and feels like quality
    - thick but sufficiently flexible
    - does not deform or twist
    - exactly 23 mm OD
    The Ultrafire WF008 that I ordered was missing an O-ring on the tail cap threads so I ordered these and a couple of other O-rings for my spares box. O-rings are important if you are concerned about adequate waterproofing/water resistance of your flashlight. Any water entering electronics will ruin it so it. A small investment on these items should save you a lot of money and spare you from grief. These things also improve on reliability by staving off failure of your cherished tool. It is a must for DIYers and owners.
    I'm stocking up on these and will build up my stock of spares.

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