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nylon guitar strap Customers Reviews

  • Cheapest guitar strap ever

    posted by optix2000

    -Strap is thin, but very strong-Holds up my bass guitar without a problem-Ends haven't come loose yet
    Mine didn't come with the strings to tie it to an acoustic guitar, but I didn't need it, and you can find string anywhere. The black and purple strap looks nice
    Cheapest guitar strap I've found yet, and manages to hold up pretty well considering the price
  • Not that bad

    posted by RichieKH

    Well it is very cheap for it's usefullness, so I wouldn't suspect much of it. Though it does its job quite well. It is cheap as it can be and the colors are black with a white stripe.The style will fit with any guitar.
    It is very cheap, and I don't play guitar THAT much. So it will do. It will be perfectly fine for a lightweight guitar, such as an epiphone g310 sg ebony.
    Just buy it, if you need one replaced for not much money. It will do the job untill you have money for the gibson one here.You wont regret it.
  • Lovely guitar strap.

    posted by TygerTung

    Looks good on my red and white HONDO!!!
    Did I mention cheap?
    Long enough to have your guitar mounted low for real rocking stance. However it is difficult to play like this.
    Is a bit lightweight but good for the price.
    Why not take the plunge and invest in a guitar strap.
    Could be a very lucrative investment as you will be able to go busking whilst standing and make a considerable profit.
    I would recommend this to anyone with a guitar, as it is easy to play standing up with a guitar strap.
    An Amazing Bargain.
  • Good for the price

    posted by metzina

    Price is very cheap and ships for free.The holes are narrow so the strap stays in place.Can be used with either electric or acoustic guitars.
    You get a random color, mine is black with a green central band.
    It's ok for the price.
  • Well, It's a shoulder strap and it's cheap..

    posted by AndersPins

    It feels very sturdy and does what it's supposed to do. The build quality seems quite good and the material is of good quality. It also comes with a nylon strap so you can attach it to your neck to prevent neckdrop.
    I would recommend buying a lock or two so you do not have to take them on and off, as I think this will wear the ends out earlier than nescessary.

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