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  • Great

    posted by LogenFelxon

    Good and noiseless, performs great in all games.Can run most games on full performance and do run well with cuda related products. :)
    Well, I got the card in about 2 months after when the DX said I should get the card, just told me during the entire sharade that I should wait a bit longer... And keep my patience hat on, I did and it eventually came, but had to wait 2 months++ whereas I had already gone without my computer for about 7 months so it was agonizing.
    Great product, but f***** up delivery time to me in Norway.
  • most powerful videocard here!

    posted by matrix-neo

    well, here it is, the most powerful videocard on Dx yet! it's considered a mainstream enthusiast videocard not a hardcore ultra expensive card like the GTX680 or Titan so this model will be far more popular type for your average pc user, it's fast enough to play all new games on a 24 inch screen(1920X1200) with 2AA/4AA and 8AA/16AA depending on cpu/ram config, also has good cooling, similar to MSI Windforce, i.e heatpipes with 2 X large silent fans side by side, card has a turbo boost button on back panel, and silver plating technology, also you get the full retail box + manual + cd, accessories are 2 X molex to PCIE power adapters
    as for speed, this has a turbo button on back panel for an instant 10-15% speed boost depending on game, but take note, will ONLY boost speed on gpu limited games, take for example Crysis3, this game is very cpu intensive as it will use all available cores , if your performance is cpu bottlenecked pressing the turbo button will do nothing for speed, as usual getting the best performance from your pc will hinge on carefully selecting balanced parts, it's a waste having a powerful gpu paired with a slow cpu, or fast ram with a slow cpu etc box states silver plating technology, not sure why, silver is a good conductor with anti corrosion properties maybe it means your card won't rust or tarnish with age??
    good card for the performance minded user
  • Works as expected

    posted by gfreige

    Totally silent. Works fine in osx 10.7 ootb and in 10.8 with macpro nvidia drivers. Very energy efficient. Supports cuda
    It runs a little hot when pushed hard. Passive heatsink makes it a little bulky and can take an extra slot.
    Recommended if you want a silent desktop and games aren't a priority.Works well in single and dual monitor configuration in osx using digital interfaces. I didn't test VGA output.

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