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non slip mat Customers Reviews

  • amazing product!

    posted by danidin1

    when i first got it i was very scepticle. But it really does what it's ment to. this mat is made of sticky material and when you place things on it, they don't move no matter how sharp are the turns you take with your car. on the other hand, if you remove the mat from the surface it does not leave ANY residue or stickyness on the dash board. amaizing! especially since in summer here it gets extremely hot. the mat looks like it is about to melt and turns very soft but still it does not fall apart.
    i got this one for my husband and he is so happy with it that i am ordering one for me now, to place the tissue box on. at last it will not fly away from me when making turns in my car.
    very useful and reliable. even in hot countries.
  • perfect

    posted by marjen86

    - very sticky- washable- very usefull. - black, fits in most cars. - cheap- size is okay, could have been a litle bigger.
    This thing sticks like nothing else. My phone, cigerets, lighters and money stays exactly where i placed it. When the matt is getting too dusty, you can rinse it with water, and its like new again. Shipping time is long to Denmark, but i dont think its DX's fault.
    Buy it, you wont regret it. I love this item, and i use it on daily basis.
  • Good Item

    posted by bartyz

    Transparent material - ok for all type of dashboard.Good size for all type of GSM, GPS------------------------------------------
    ok to put parking tickets on :o)doesn't fly away any more.---------------------------------
    It's my second one, I love the conceptVery usefull to stick all kind of things (GSM, GPS, coins ...)Every driver should have one.
  • really really sticky!

    posted by sapperlapje

    it's damn sticky, everything will stick to it till 90 degrees and it will not fall off but items will come off seamlessly when picking it up from the mat.the pattern looks coolwhen dusty, you can just rinse it off with water.
    it could've been slightly bigger, but it's pretty big already and i don't think you can find a bigger size for this price somewhere else.
    nothing will ever roll around in your car again when placed on this anti-slip mat.
  • Aseome!

    posted by Troquay

    Its a very sticky mat, its not only useful for the phone but also lighters key's or sun glasses. You don't need to lay it on a strait surfes cause if the phone only touches it for a bit it will not move and fall down your dashboard.
    It would be better to mate the bottom side stick more then the top side.
    If you don't want to have a broken phone you need to buy this.

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