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non contact thermometer Customers Reviews

  • This is a medical tool

    posted by johnorcos

    very accurate ±0.2 ?C (36-39C), very useful, very cheap but high quality,NO special batteries (just AA)
    This is a medical tool, NOT a toy, don't let children play with this.This tool measure temp in 2 modes:1)BODY: 32-43?C 2)SURF : 0-60oC CAUTION:Before 1st use it's needs calibration , read carefully the leaflet1) Measure the temp with classical temp meter2) Measure the temp with infrared meterIf there is a difference between 2 meters e.x. 0.8CPress MODE button for 3 sec--> use Up/Down buttons to go F2--> Press MODE button again-->use Up/Down buttons again to adjust 0.8C--> Press MODE button again.To Exit from menu, press the trigger 1 timeUSE:1)Target the front head, keep steady and do NOT move the infrared meter.2) Press the trigger and hold it pressed until you hear beep sound.Let about 1min interval between measurements for accurate results
    This is a mast for every doctor or family
  • Very usefull

    posted by marioleo

    -Very portable-Small.-Easy to use.-Seems to be precise.-No need to read any instructions.-Very easy to learn.-Fast response.
    This a very usefull item if you have to control any food temperature. It's small handy. you can carry any where in your pocket. Very easy to learn, besides a laser point is missing, wouldn't hurt at all. No need for instructions read. I am very Happy if this item.
    A very Good one.
  • Great Price to Performance ratio.

    posted by DimitrisBiza

    Wide range of temps.Celcius and Faregheit mesuring.Spontanius reading of the temp.
    I could'n thought a better buy than that item.
    A very good priced IrThermometer.Everything i wanted for my wood fired oven and more!I can use to monitor the seeling and bottom of the oven.I can monitor my pc's motherboard temp.
  • Fun toy, not a real measurement device

    posted by grinap0

    It is small, extremely compact size, very light, so it's pretty easy to carry. The user interface is absolutely foolproof: you press the button, and it measures, you release the button, and it holds the last value.
    Neat color housing for your eyes. ;-)
    Got two spare batteries, nice.
    Celsius/Fahrenheit mode for your alien non-metric people out there.
    It's not trivial to be able to measure. Distance/Spot ratio is 1:1, so 1cm distance means probably 1cm radius of measuring.
    Maybe it's more precise if got enough time to accommodate to new temperatures?
    Manual says "highly reflective and low emissivity surfaces" should be taped or otherwise handled.
    For that price it's okay for casual measurements. Not good for serious ones, but what do you expect for that price, anyway? :)
  • Perfect tool

    posted by Luiz Souza

    Perfect tool for those that wants to keep temperature under control. it has emissivity selector. Which means you can have accurate reading with any material. Please google about emissivity and you will understand what I'm talking about. I can read instantly the temps of motor, ESC and batteries in my case. But if lack a medical thermometer, this could help to monitor your fever...
    Price is the best if you compare with branded thermometers in the hobby stores. i found some similar part with double of price.
    Must have in your tool box, if you are a hobbyist of whatever that run with engine!!

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