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nokia replacement lcd

This is our best nokia replacement lcd, they all share a great design and great prices. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Customers who purchased nokia replacement lcd also viewed genuine replacement lcd, replacement lcd fujifilm. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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nokia replacement lcd Customers Reviews

  • Genuine Nokia E71 LCD Screen

    posted by huangal

    -Perfect fit, connector and lcd snaps into place, identical to original.
    -High quality, nice bright clear lcd
    -Has protective film on it so after you place the lcd in with your greasy fingers, take off the film and screw it back together. No cleaning required.
    -Did not have any dead or stuck pixels
    Pretty simple to replace the lcd, take off some screws, snap off the front, loosen two more screws, unhook the connecter, pry the lcd out, place new one in, put back together and BAM! done!
    There are lots of guides of how to take a e71 apart
    If you broke your E71 screen, get this one, works perfect.
  • The part work weel

    posted by Zacchi

    English: Cheap, and easy to install. I learned to install looking a youtube video, justo to lookin for "display changing n95 8G". I bought too some tools to open the cellphone correctly.Português: Material barato e fácil de instalar. Eu aprendi a instalar vendo um vídeo no youtube, procurei por "display changing n95 8G". Comprei algumas ferramentas para abrir o N95 corretamente.
    English: I think is a good choice to repair your N95 8GPortuguês: Acho que é uma boa escolha para reparar seu N95 8G
  • A good product

    posted by Diabolis

    Great quality screen, came fully operational and general condition was carefully packed.
    Be very careful and cautious when upgrading to a new screen. Carefully remove the old screen, and do not forget to disconnect before removing the screen, so as not to damage the connector.
    Excellent screen quality, I am pleased with the purchase, replace screen, all in full working order. Thanks for the screen for my phone, I really did not want to part with it.
  • Thie Gem saved me £200 for five mins work...

    posted by sussex

    Abserlute identical replacement it states genuine LCD screen which it appears to be.
    You will need a size 5 hex screw bit and the plex from your phone to undo the case, you will find 4 hex screws on the back after you have removed the back cover then gently using the plex work the phone appart you will see two more hex scews half way down remove these and you will be able to remove the screen, the connector cable is to on the top remember only disconnect the screen cable if your model is the same as mine you will see a cream plastic plate/clamp get a modeling flat head screw driver under the bottom edge and gently flick it outwards it is hinged this will release the screen connector, all that is left is to re connect and replace the screen you may want to test the screen at this time eg; battery in power on just to see if you have the cable nocated in the correct place, remove the protective film when you are happy and re assemble.
    This is a New product I know that I am the fist to review it but it worked 100% for me I will be odering a second screen JUST in case it happens again....also DX now do a complete shell relacement so if you are worried that you may break bits when trying to replace your screen $6 dollars is a good peace of mind and it will protect your screen a bit more in the post.
  • Looks the same as original, same image quality

    posted by javierant3

    -Good Price against the original screen-Good quality construction.-Same quality as original.-Installation very easy as its only removing 4 T5 bolts and disconecting the screen and then installing the new one from dealextreme.
    If you have your N95 screen broken,this screen is a perfect replacement. Good price and same image quality as the original. I am very satisfied with this item.
    Very good price for a very good replacement screen. Get my N95 repaired for a fraction of the cost of the original part.

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