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nokia replacement battery Customers Reviews

  • A fraction of big name makes

    posted by 1234armitt

    The price, this is a truly remarkable price for a battery which holds even more power than the battery it rep[laces. Although time of ownership is really to short to evaluate its longevity, at this price even if it only lasts for half the lifetime of the big brand battery it is still a bargain. Buy two and still be quids in!
    Makes you wonder how the big boys can justify the pricing of their "branded" items!
    A no brainer / buy with confidence and keep one as back/up
  • Don't miss battery

    posted by lacqrene

    I have two batteries and thanks to this charger, one of them always this charged and spare change to my phone, also the battery which includes this charger is good and lasts quite a while.
    If you use your phone much and you must always have it on this you will be very useful, so you can have always charged battery for use at the time.
    If you use your phone much and you must always have it on this you will be very useful, so you can have always charged battery for use at the time.
  • Good cheap battery

    posted by Azoimide

    Battery is cheap, good capacity. Very well packaged (in high density foam in a laminated MDF box). Also has a plastic tab to remove battery (useful if you have a phone with a difficult to remove battery).
    On my Nokia 6280:
    Constantly playing a video, this battery lasted 3hrs 50min, the original battery lasted 3hrs 40min - however the original battery is over 2 years old and does not hold its charge as well.
    The Japod battery lasted 5 days on standby, with some use (dozen SMSs, few minutes of calls and approx 15min use eg camera).
    If your current battery is dying then i recommend this battery.
  • Even better than the real thing

    posted by bob147

    I've been looking for a replacement battery for my nokia n97 mini for a long time and I found it!It comes in a really nice package and lasts for almost 2 days in my phone.The original battery lasts for only 16 hours in the best case, and the other nokia I bought lasted 16 hours also.
    The package is nice but it's a pity that so much plastic was used for this.A smaller package would be enough for a small batery .
    Don't hesitate if you're looking for a good replacement battery, take a japod, you won't regret it
  • Igual a Original

    posted by Pepaaa

    This battery is all good. You can buy with your eyes closed.- The same specifications as the original battery- Lasts 3 to 5 DAYS (24hrs) depending on your phone (The more chips you have the phone and features the less battery life).- The whole set of similar quality to the original- Serves in cell E71 CHINESE, commonly found in some regions of Brazil.--------------------------------------------------------Essa bateria é tudo de bom. Pode comprar de olhos fechados.- As mesmas especificações da baterial original- Dura de 3 a 5 DIAS (24hrs) dependendo do seu celular (Quanto mais chips e recursos tiver o celular menor a duração da bateria).- O conjunto todo de qualidade similar ao original- Serve nos celulares e71 CHINESES, comumente encontrados em algumas regiões do Brasil.
    BUY NOW WITHOUT FEAR. Fully approved.--------------------------------------------------------------COMPRE AGORA, SEM MEDO. TOTALMENTE APROVADA.

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