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nokia lcd Customers Reviews

  • Genuine Nokia E71 LCD Screen

    posted by huangal

    -Perfect fit, connector and lcd snaps into place, identical to original.
    -High quality, nice bright clear lcd
    -Has protective film on it so after you place the lcd in with your greasy fingers, take off the film and screw it back together. No cleaning required.
    -Did not have any dead or stuck pixels
    Pretty simple to replace the lcd, take off some screws, snap off the front, loosen two more screws, unhook the connecter, pry the lcd out, place new one in, put back together and BAM! done!
    There are lots of guides of how to take a e71 apart
    If you broke your E71 screen, get this one, works perfect.
  • Inexpensive and ease to use!

    posted by teamjcr

    Inexpensive and easy to use! Works with Arduino Mega using the PCD8544 driver library posted on Arduino's website. Highly recommended if you need an inexpensive display to show status information.
    To use the LED backlight pin, you can use the 5V from the Arduino but you will need a 100Ohm current limiting resistor or else you might fry something. Or you can hook up the 3.3V directly.
    Worth the money. The LCD comes with a thin film to protect it from scratches.
  • The part work weel

    posted by Zacchi

    English: Cheap, and easy to install. I learned to install looking a youtube video, justo to lookin for "display changing n95 8G". I bought too some tools to open the cellphone correctly.Português: Material barato e fácil de instalar. Eu aprendi a instalar vendo um vídeo no youtube, procurei por "display changing n95 8G". Comprei algumas ferramentas para abrir o N95 corretamente.
    English: I think is a good choice to repair your N95 8GPortuguês: Acho que é uma boa escolha para reparar seu N95 8G
  • Great product from Nokia for a nice price

    posted by AlysonPW

    It is a great cell phone to do basic things: calling, receiving and sending messages, taking basic pictures. The camera is basic, but it is OK. It is not of of the most modern cells available, but it works very well, and there is a differential with this product: it is a Nokia, there is no one better than this brand. Strong and useful.
    This product is worth, very nice cell phone.
    It is cheaper than the most basic cells in my country with no camera. Even paying taxes, it is still cheaper, very good.
  • Great !

    posted by xak0root

    - Very cheap, I bought this screen and sold it for a good price in my country, and I'm looking forward on buying more of these, because they have a good demand at our mobile market- Nice quality for the price, not genuine though
    Totally recommend it !I'm glad the price was also a little bit dropped :)
    If you have problems with your Nokia LCD screen, especially N73, but this one, I think you'll find such product at a very high price compared to the DX one

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