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nokia charger adapter

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nokia charger adapter Customers Reviews

  • Good product for charging cell phones

    posted by emeneses

    It's a really simple product that does what you expect to. Can be used in cell phones or GPS (micro-USB). Also fits any phone that i tested with micro-USB and can be recharged by computer.
    Nothing much more to say, but there's a red led indicating energy (from the car) that can be useful.
    A nice product. Saved my wife a lot of times (she always forget to charge the phone).
  • Looks good quality!

    posted by movelbit

    Nokia CA-44 charging adapter is designed & built specifically for adapting Nokia LCH-12, AC-1U, ACP-12U, ACP-7U, ACP-8U and ACP-9U chargers to a 2 mm plug required for newer, smaller Nokia cell phone models that would otherwise use the AC-4U/ AC-3U/ DC-4 size chargers that have a 2 mm plug.
    This cable allows you to use your old Nokia charger with a more modern phone like the E71. However, it won't work with all old Nokia chargers so make check which model charger you have before buying the cable. There are 2 basic types of old Nokia charger; the ACP-12X & the ACP-7x. I think the ACP-12X is sometimes referred to as a 'multivoltage charger', 'travel charger' or 'fast charger'.
    The ACP-12X has an output voltage of 5.7v and can charge the new phones (it can also be used in places like USA which have a lower mains voltage than UK). The cable works fine with this one.
    The ACP-7X only has an output voltage of 3.7v and will NOT be able to charge the new phones. This is not the fault of the cable.
    The cable should work with any old Nokia charger that produces an output voltage of at least 5v.
    It can save you money if you have older chargers.
  • Must buy

    posted by Sh007eR

    Its work great for what it made it
    Little and light
    Price is great for this gadget ( In my country they are $20+ )
    Now i can run to sea calm for my battery life on the phone (because i use GPS)
    I bought and SKU 41278 with this charger, to be full the car set!
    If u have Nokia phone and Car - this charger is must buy!
    The CONS are negligible if
  • Excelent product

    posted by scionr

    I have this charger in my car for a year or so. It works well with no problems whatsoever.
    I thought of buying the charger that connects to the A/C socket on my Nokia E72 which charges quicker but decided to go with this one for 2 reasons: 1) The A/C version does not connect firmly to the phone 2) The flat mini USB connection allows friends with other phones to use the charger.
    If you need to throw a charger in your car, dont look any further.
  • Good Nokia Charger

    posted by ohtori

    A cable from USB to Nokia 2.0mm. And basic USB 5V power supply.
    I would buy a cable "USB-to-Nokia" separately, but could not find such a product. Now this cable is permanent item in my bag.
    This product is quite good, if you have old Nokia, like I do. (In fact I even have two old nokii simultaneously, and sometimes some of them suddenly loses charge)

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