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nokia 920 Customers Reviews

  • Just good protective film for Nokia Lumia 920

    posted by mrleon

    Transparent protective film for Nokia Lumia 920. Doesn't interfer with phone touchscreen. It has some cuts on the top to fit with the phone front camera and speaker.
    Where I live I don't use gloves, so I can't say if it does have any impact on the phone usage with gloves. This one is just five packages of independent films, so I don't know why sell 5 of it instead on one.
    I can't give a 5 star ratting to the quality due to the film size, that doesn't protect the whole screen. Buy this one if you don't care for it.
  • Great product

    posted by afbernardi

    This is a really good protective cover for your phone. The quality is really good, it fits without a problem and it's a great option to protected your phone. Also the price is really good.
    It is worth a try. I don't know about how durable this is but for the price, even if they don't last so long, I will definitely buy again.
    The price / quality / usefulness ratio is really good. I recommended for anyone. The look on the phone is perfect.
  • It works :)

    posted by orikote

    Works perfectly and the charging time isn't noticeably longer. The led starts blinking telling you that everything is going ok. Furthermore it beeps when you put your phone over it so you know it has started charging.
    Now I'm using it on the car with a good official usb charger as those bought in DX doesn't seem good enough for this and the charge gets unstable.
    Very useful, now I'm able to listen music in my car with my phone and my bluetooth radio without draining my battery nor connecting the phone each time I get in the car.
  • Good QI charger for big phones

    posted by kamiloj

    Amazing charger, it was perfect for me, I have a nokia lumia 920 it is great, now I left my phone on my room charging without worry about cables.light is very soft, red when there is no cellphone, blue when it is charging, and off when cellphone is already charged.Buy it you are not going to regret.
    Excelente, good design, it is big, so I think it is very well designed for big phones (4.3" or upper)
    I love it.
  • Good case!

    posted by Muszkal

    The protective case fits perfectly into my Nokia Lumia 920. It doesn't look to leave any space between the phone and the case. All the sides and corners are well protected by the case. It is also very light, so it should not make your phone more heavier than it already is. The plastic also has a smooth touch feel.
    For this price, you should buy it.
    Very good case for the price!

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