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nokia 920 case

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nokia 920 case Customers Reviews

  • Nokia Lumia 920 case - very good!

    posted by stefanfjk

    Affordable sillicone case for nokia lumia 920. Fits very well! Easy to put on the phone and will last long! i bought same type of case for old phone and works great. much better than leather stuff or so, because if you drop the phone, it will survive! Beside that nokia is a strong phone, but some protection is always good for you phone if you want it to last long!
    buy it!
    need an solid and safe protector for your nokia lumia 920? BUY this one! and order an screen protector with it ;)
  • Perfect accessory if you're getting bored with the black phone

    posted by DavKo

    - Nice feeling to it- Fits the phone (Nokia Lumia 920) perfectly- The phone feels a lot less slippery, it's easier to hold and operate it with one hand only- Really easy installing of the phone to the case- Openings are placed perfectly, they do not obscure the camera, flash or any of the connectors- Buttons work OK
    Don't really seee how the silicon skin could be improved. It's perfect the way it is.
    Worth buying as a contrast to the phone's black, also adding scratch prevention to the phone's sides and back.
  • Great protective case

    posted by afbernardi

    This is a really good protective cover for your phone. The quality is really good, it fits without a problem and it's a great option to protected your phone. Also the price is really good.
    It is worth a try. I don't know about how durable this is but for the price, even if they don't last so long, I will definitely buy again.
    The price / quality / usefulness ratio is really good. I recommended for anyone. The look on the phone is perfect.
  • Very soft and protective

    posted by abcdrmnvs

    It's very soft and durable and offers great protection for the phone. The phone is kept in a purse and has taken a fall or two without many consequences. The falls were quite gentle though.
    The color is very nice and the cover offers great protection.
    Regarding the price this is a very good cover if you don't mind adding a bit of bulk to the phone. It's easy to put on and remove and offers great protection. Overall I would recommend this if you don't mind a bulky phone.
  • As Expected

    posted by JimJunkie

    Fits well, looks good and doesn't bulk out the phone too much (not too fat)The material is hard enough to not fall off the phone and give a good fit, but also soft enough to offer protection from impacts too the phone.Looks relatively minimalist.
    Some harder cases will just transfer any shock too the screen & not help your phone in the event of a drop on the corner (metal ones in particular). This one avoided this and offered good drop protection for my phone
    A good basic option for a Nokia Lumia 920 case.

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