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Purchase the latest no nicotine refill with wonderful pricing DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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no nicotine refill Customers Reviews

  • A good non nicotine product for vaporing fun

    posted by Zakutnik

    This is a good product. There are a lot of smoke, the product was packaged very well and easy to open the box.Not taste great but good. There are 20 filters in a box and it's plenty, one filter is equal to the amount of about 2 packs of cigarettes.One filter is enough for me for two days and I Vapor a lot.
    Non that I can think of.
    Its a good product for a good price alltho it could be cheaper. Buy it if you want 20 refills that tastes good with no nicotine.
  • Simply perfect !

    posted by Valombreuse

    Simply perfect !
    I ordered those as refills for the sku.45431 [Quit Smoking USB Rechargeable Women Electronic Cigarette with 6-Refills + Recharger + Case (Black)]
    Those are definitely THE dedicated refills.
    The taste is quite mild... something between hazelnut and frankincense... (quite weird to explain indeed)
    Something we can get used to very easily.
    Can be used to be refilled with any flavour of that tobacco tar oil for sale here on DX.
    Perfect for those slim e-ciggies !
    Go for it, you can't go wrong.
  • Excellent price, good product.

    posted by afirofis

    Excellent price, very good tobacco flavor without nicotine and amount of vapor. Very practical USB charger, fits any E-cigarette of this kind.
    For a whole day of vaporizing, you should buy at least 2, like myself, then you will be very satisfied.Some of my smokers friends have tried this no nicotine flavor and said it could easily replace real cigarettes.
    If you want to quit smoking, or just vaporize for fun, like myself, buy it and you won't regret!
  • Excellent buy

    posted by ldaace

    Easy to assemble in common electronic cigarettes, willingness to generate smoke almost immediately, very dense smoke.
    Good option for controlling cigarette because it has no nicotine, which not addictive. It is a substitute for smoking. The liquid smoke generator few seconds migrates into the atomizer, which is where it generates smoke.
    I indicate buying multiple units, especially if you are replacing ordinary cigarettes.
  • Amazing flavor and quality

    posted by felipequintanna

    amazing strawberry milk flavoramazing quality filters, they do have a little sponge inside to voide dropping too much liquid on the atomizerthey last a lot with nice smoke feeling
    they fit nice on any e cigarette color is nice and build quality is amazing
    it worths every peny anyway they are cheap and nice, you can used to smoke at any time due to they do not have nicotine

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