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nite ize Customers Reviews

  • Great visibility and nift lights

    posted by PolishHammer

    Great for obtaining greater lateral (side) visibility, the colors are string and are visible from a good distance away. Comes in a variety of colors.
    Still a great buy had them on mt bike for a month and used them 3 times a week, still running bright. No attempt to change batter yet.
    Buy them for visibility on anything that has spokes, from bicycle to motorcycle (might want to check to make sure they are legal tho')
  • Robust, useful, works well

    posted by W4LNUT

    Small, strong, does not come unhooked while in pockets. They do not get tangled with each other, easy to hook and unhook.
    I don't like to have a lot of keys on me, and this solution works well for securely and quickly attaching and detatching keys off my main ring. The mechanism is simple and reliable and quite strong. The great thing is that it is not very prone to becoming accidentally detatched while in your pocket.
    Excellent value in a well made, reliable product.
  • Works really good

    posted by snowgrill

    - Fits wider belts like military and police ones
    - Great build quality in both plastic, cloth and streching material
    - Really fits all flashlight sizes. I use it with a spiderfire P7 but tried to fit in a Maglite mini AAA and a Maglite 4D and they all fit quite well
    - Nice to keep your hands free as you can rotate the holster to point to the ground to look were you step or to point up to your hands as you write
    - Will not come off the belt by accident
    - Comes in a nice retail package like the one in the photos
    - Very confortable to wear. If it gets unconfortable when you are sitting, just rotate it to a better position
    Very useful for all those different sized flashlights you have. The build quality is amazing as so is it's usefulness. My friends went crazy about it!
    It's not cheap but it is worth every cent.
  • Solidly collar

    posted by jonka4

    It easy to spot the dog now. Good light and a really bright color. Makes a solidly impression, feels high quality.
    Good when walking a dog when it's dark outside.
    I was not aware when reading the description of it that it was easy to remove the electronic when washing thew collar.
  • Useful little caribiner, cute as well

    posted by flyzapper

    This is the smallest caribiner that Nite Ize makes. It is perfect for key chains, light use rope needs, and general camping situations. There are several colors, and they are all great in my opinion.
    It's nice that it can hold a small load of ten pounds, so it can actually be used for some situations camping. The instruction book is very useful as well.
    Nite Ize is a great company, and this is an authentic product. I might get more so I can use them all at once.

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