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nite ize holster Customers Reviews

  • Very nice and sturdy holster

    posted by moemdx

    Very nice and sturdy holster. It looks sophisticated and protects my phone well. I can us it for my phone (Sony-Ericsson C702) or for my camera (Canon Digital Ixus 100). It fits either of them.The clip is easy to use as it's open at the bottom, but has a hook to keep it on your belt. Well designed and seems strong.I like how the magnet closure snaps shut.
    The colour combination is nice and not too gaudy. It looks as if the grey could be reflective, but it's not. There is also a small loop at the top in case you want to hang it from a carabiner hook.
    A great buy. You won't regret it.
  • Good

    posted by thegreatfalcon

    keeps the phone steadily in place and clips easily to a belt
    A bit too tight for my phone but does the job. I finally concluded that I wouldn't use it anyway because I just don't like to have something hanging from my side but it very comfortable for someone who likes things on his sides
    Cool thing I took it a bit too small for my phone but it's quite solid! Just beware that the corners are not covered and that a phone is more likely to fall on these
  • Works really good

    posted by snowgrill

    - Fits wider belts like military and police ones
    - Great build quality in both plastic, cloth and streching material
    - Really fits all flashlight sizes. I use it with a spiderfire P7 but tried to fit in a Maglite mini AAA and a Maglite 4D and they all fit quite well
    - Nice to keep your hands free as you can rotate the holster to point to the ground to look were you step or to point up to your hands as you write
    - Will not come off the belt by accident
    - Comes in a nice retail package like the one in the photos
    - Very confortable to wear. If it gets unconfortable when you are sitting, just rotate it to a better position
    Very useful for all those different sized flashlights you have. The build quality is amazing as so is it's usefulness. My friends went crazy about it!
    It's not cheap but it is worth every cent.
  • Not bad, but..

    posted by Veltnar

    Not bad quality, has a decent clip which can securely fit on a belt or the edge of clothes. Very solid and strong material, reliable velcro lock.
    Since the cellular din't fit, I found it usefull to carry my mp3-player.
    Be aware that the actual height of the device that can fit it must be 9 cm or less.

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