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nintendo xl Customers Reviews

  • Durable, nice, cheap, good fit, but missing one final polish.

    posted by Kagenn

    + Feels slightly more durable than it looks (I've not attempted dropping it on purpose to facilitate such testing, but feel free to outdo me).+Protects from scratches quite well.+Fits snugly onto the 3DS XL and has no issue fitting into the 3DS XL pouch.+No trouble with the shoulder buttons and does not block the ports/stylus.+Fingerprints and smudges are a lot less obvious.+Easily removable and reattached.+Looks pretty good.+Decent quality for such an affordable price.+Gives a better grip.
    The only cons I had with this product stopped me from giving it a full 5 star rating for its quality. Overall still a decent product for its price, but these small things take away the good first impression you have with the item when you notice it. Also, dust may still get in through some parts of the cover. Like Octopods mentioned, it's also soft that it won't scratch your 3DS XL that other harder cases may.
    A good product for its price, tough and durable in for most parts, except the stylus area. Would highly recommend this product for a cheap durable TPU case.

    posted by mrt2a

    -I absolutely love this case, its amazing.-The price is really good, and at least in my country the price would be the triple.-It fits the 3DS extremely well, you can acess all buttons on the side easily-It feels great-It doesnt make your 3DS bulky or anything like that-It is TPU so you dont have to worry about breeaking it during the shipment.
    I would recommend this to anyone that has a 3DS.
    Just buy it, you wont regret it ( dude, look at the price !! freaking cheap !! )
  • Great for people with large hands.

    posted by Cerxi

    Makes the 3DS XL feel more like a standard game controller.Makes the 3DS XL fit nicely in hands too large even for it.Has a slot for a spare game cartridge so you can change on the go.
    Great in every way except the stylus problem. I don't understand why, there are plenty of places in the unit where a stylus slot could've been added. Perhaps in future iterations?
    Buy it anyway if you are uncomfortable holding a square console in your hands a long time.
  • It does what you need it to.

    posted by LdSe

    - The construction of the cable is perfect, I didn't find any weird plastic issue, mark or anything.- It works perfectly fine and it's able to charge the 3DS XL I have when connected to an USB port.- Materials are good, only con might be with the cable width.
    It's important to highlight that this doesn't provide any kind of access to the DS if you're expecting the cable to do this.
    Great buy, I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative way to charge the 3DS.
  • Great protection - affordable price

    posted by nathan1975

    Tough, low profile, colourful, easy to install, fits well, attractive
    Does take up a little extra space so tighter fit in case.Adds a little extra weight.The paintjob on mine is a nice metalic purple. The metalic finish is similar to to the 3DS XL's but of course a different colour.
    Gives confidence when taking 3DS out and about or when used by children.Gives console unique appeal.


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