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nintendo refurbished Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and cool DS lite

    posted by DukeNume

    +It's a DS Lite, and it works.+The custom cover is build very well, resistent as an original cover+Comes with a manual, wich may be useful if you never used a DS before
    *Watch out when you import in Europe, there isn't any CE logo, so it may get blocked at customs. Just ask DX's stuff to add some informations on the package.*Comes with a UK\US charger, you may need to buy another one or replace the plug like i did.
    Great deal, Great console. For the price, it's a must, especially for the custom pickachu case which is by far the most amazing for a DS Lite.
  • Too much 'refurbished', but GREAT!

    posted by FelipeNAlmeida

    - Both screens and battery life, my main concerns originally, are outstanding in quality. - Despite the replaced parts it all looks, feels and works EXACTLY like it would on a brand new Nintendo DS Lite.- Awesome price.- I made the order and 21 days later the product was in my hands. Excellent time considering it was purchased during holidays season, my country is ‘lazy’ with international packages and the shipping was free.- No taxation problems. It was not taxed and even if it was, it would've been a very small fee as it was shipped as ‘NDS parts’ with a very small price tag on it.
    It looks 'too refurbished'. I did not expect so many replaced parts but it all looks perfect so far. Exactly like a brand new original DS Lite.
    I've got the product two days ago and have been using it almost non stop since. The quality is outstanding all things considered and the price is really good. I definitely recommend it.
  • Cícero

    posted by ciceroog

    cheap and very good to have and fun with some friends. I'd like so much.faster to sending and delivery (23 days only).
    here in Brazil, this console costs more or less US$ 230,00~260,00, and here, I've buyed with the case for approximately US$ 100,00. It's a realy a big deal for me!!!
  • Very good and beautiful

    posted by sk15

    Price very good films in and out very well placed, packaging and manuals equal the original and the delivery time was very good (about 3 weeks).
    Well the price and distance he came, it was rather a good buy, recommend everyone to make the purchase by DX.com.
    Totally Recommended
  • Really nice DSI

    posted by cibreirosbr

    Really like the original, only different thing was the L and R buttons that were a bit loose, not out, just loose, screenS were ok, both came with protectors, stylus OK too and sound just like regular ones...
    Got taxed in my country's Customs. Took a month and a half to arrive. But was my bad, I ordered pre x-mas so I kind of saw that one coming...
    It's an OK buy to those who like nintendo products....


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