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nintendo refurbished Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and cool DS lite

    posted by DukeNume

    +It's a DS Lite, and it works.+The custom cover is build very well, resistent as an original cover+Comes with a manual, wich may be useful if you never used a DS before
    *Watch out when you import in Europe, there isn't any CE logo, so it may get blocked at customs. Just ask DX's stuff to add some informations on the package.*Comes with a UK\US charger, you may need to buy another one or replace the plug like i did.
    Great deal, Great console. For the price, it's a must, especially for the custom pickachu case which is by far the most amazing for a DS Lite.
  • Great Purchase !

    posted by paulvill76

    Great Nintendo DS Lite Portable Entertainment Console Limited Edition - Pocket Edition , Good presentation . Good accesories and quality .Those DS Lite's are factory reburbished , and really good quality .
    The charger it is a US charger.The original Nintendo US charger is rated for 110V. EU countries have electricity at 220-240V.Unless the charger is rated 110-220V or 110-240V you must buy a new charger rated for the current in your country.
    Great Nintendo DS Lite Portable Entertainment Console Limited Edition - Pocket for kids , excelent for travel and amusing of kids and adults !
  • Nintendo DS Lite Portable Entertainment Console -

    posted by bubble9999

    Sorry I can't possible type all the Pro's of owning a NDS but If I did I would definitely use well over the 500 character restriction.
    This works exactly the same as any other NDS lite (what more can I say).
    If this has replacement housing it could have any other replacement parts that aren't nintendo inside.
    Even if there are no original nintendo parts on or in this it's still working just the same so no problem. I've owned this for 4 months now and never had any problems with it. I had an original NDS for 3 months and the touch screen started to go wrong so you could say this is better than buying a brand new one.
  • Great Deal

    posted by guilhermeg

    It is cheap!!! Works well. Well build. The metalic blue color is great.
    I compared with a friend's new original DS lite and I couldn't find any difference. The buttons and screen are the same. Sound too. The only functional difference is the battery, but not that much because original battery doesn't stand much too.
    I'm very happy with the DS. Great buy. I'm thinking to order another one for my girlfriend.
  • Just like new!

    posted by JNFirst

    - It looks like a new Nintendo DSI Console, although refurbished;- It comes with all original accessories, manuals and plastic protectors;- The box is new too and gives the pleasure/feeling of "opening a new toy";- The screens are perfect, no problem such a dead pixel or stuck pixel;- The charger's plug is perfect for Brazilian standards.
    Although a very nice refurbishing, I got it with a small problem: the volume button was of the shell but still attached to its rubber. So I had to put it inside and everthing was set - I didn't have to open the console, just push the rubber through the hole.
    Not bad at all!!! Nice product and well done refurbishing, almost perfect.

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