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nintendo ds lite refurbished

On this page, you can find a wide selection of nintendo ds lite refurbished. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

nintendo ds lite refurbished Customers Reviews

  • Product photos as

    posted by torviguedes

    console came in order, well built. The screws are not Trigram, which features refurbished. Excellent price. And all the fun of a real DS
    This excellent, excellent product. pure fun. recommend.
    The product is original, the carcass may not be, but overall is a great product with quality Nintendo
  • Good Console

    posted by gothmate

    It is a nice Nintendo Console with a good price. No matter it is refurbished, it is as new.No dead pixels, no scrashes, no energy loss, no problem at all.É um ótimo Console da Nintendo com um preço acessível. Não importa que seja recauchutado, está zerado.Não tem dead pixels, não tem arranhões, não tem problema com energia, não tem problema algum.
    If you want a personalised console you can't find any other store, it is your best bet.Se você quer um console personalizado que não se encontra por aí, é sua melhor opção.
    Besides the long time waitin', it is a good purchase.A despeito do longo período de espera, foi uma boa compra.
  • Great Black piano DS

    posted by ermissao

    Fully working DS with no dead pixels, touch screen, volume, buttons, everything working perfectly.
    I've buy also an 4gb mirco sd and an ace card. Just downloaded some games, put into the sd with the ace card program and it's fully working! Playing Castlevania, Full Metal Alchemist, Mario, Metroid, Megaman and others
    No Brasil sai por mais de 400 reais quando tá barato. Aqui saiu tudo por 250 reais com dois cartões para destravar, mais micro sd de 4gb, bolsa rígida pra transporte, 2 protetores pra cada tela, mais bateria e bolsa pra transporte pro psp, leitor de cartões e cabo de dados. O único problema foi a demora....
    The problem it's the wait, and also, you can be taxed. But maybe that still worth
  • Works great

    posted by bonaputty

    What can I say, its a nintendo ds. Works fine. Bought one in a store and bought one over here. Both are to my opion the same of quality. There is no visible diffrence of the one we bought in the store and the one we bought here. This one was cheaper. Easy choice.
    Buy a sk04086 Screen Protectors Set for NDS Lite. Serious, its much better. It will protect your display and for that price.This ds is a great and cheap product. It makes no difference to me, if I buy one in the store or here(only the price!)
  • Great Deal, Great Pries !!

    posted by PKsDX

    Amazing Product !! I've being using for 1 months and it's Got no problem play NDS Games and GBA games !!. SO AWESome. Every Buttons are operational and they are clikey which is good!!it has pretty good finish on the out side and inside of console, great matt finished .Amazing deal, only 60$, super cheap, Must By This!!!
    I could'n Belive how cheap this is. if you are living in country which has high tax, like NZ or Brazil, it better to buy it, rather than paying few hundred dollars to buy same product!!!
    MUST BUY THIS !!!!

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