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nintendo ds lite console

Check out the great nintendo ds lite console to see if there is any that suits you. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

nintendo ds lite console Customers Reviews

  • Took quite a while, but it arrived!

    posted by Yanazake2

    Lighter than the first DS, brighter screen and much more colorful images. Accepts GBA games just like the first DS.
    The pen is stronger too, and there are great and better pens that fit in it.
    The charge seems to take a lot of time, but not sure if it stays on for as long as it should stay.
    There is a small bump on the side, like if the parts weren't screwed right - nothing major, but noticeable.
    It works and does what it should. If you have a problem with the battery like me, buy a new one and exchange it.
  • Unbelievable quality

    posted by razeale

    Very cheep , works perfectly and compatible wit the R4I card.very solid build and the battery life is fine like the original version.
    i cant believe this is a refurbished version.its very hard to distinguish this apart from the original. best to buy whit at list one screen protector for the bottom screen so you wont scratch it when you using your fingers or a stiles.
    Its a very solid product and working perfectly!honestly i thought it will be flimsy or damaged but i was surprised of the quality.you get exactly what you payed for nothing more an nothing less.if you want a DS fore the best price this is the place.
  • Good but...

    posted by JohnnyUchiha

    Very Cheap=DFor a refurbished,looks a New DS Lite=DCame with plastic protector on the upper screen, behind the DS and bottom in the which the show the model.The color Gold(Zelda Edition) it's COOL=D
    Removing the problem of the headset...it's perfectTirando o problema do fone,esta perfeito....Quem for BR vale a pena,vem impecável
    Nice Product
  • Nice to get a cool color

    posted by MikeyGee

    I love the fact I can get DS colors that are not available to my area. The green is pretty kick but as well.
    I think the green is cool but the fact the speaker does not work would for sure keep my from buying another one from DX.
    Perhaps I got a "Bad" one, but I would not buy another from DX. It is very much a 50/50 shot.
    Also consider the fact DX makes it clear that neither them or Nintendo will cover it (which also leads me to believe it is not genuine from Nintendo)
  • Good but do not expect much

    posted by MMJUD

    It is a cheap optionOriginal Box and ManualsOriginal Power SupplyAllows use of portable platform for otherIt came well packaged and protected in the housing and lcd displays, including the serial number intact.
    Yes it's worth, if you do not care about aesthetics aperelho (if you're not going to like gift) I know one day I'll have to change the case from him, so I will not Chater with the creaking of the structure but if you either a 100% perfect, better to get a new one.

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