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  • Great Cheap Lipo Charger

    posted by lancer652

    Cheap low priced charger, Nice red anodozied color, which matches most of my r/c cars alum color and my tools and stuff. It has functions that measure how much MAH and displays voltage etc. comes with alot of plugs. and seems ok built
    wish it came with an alum case, has a fan and was more accurate
    this is a great lipo/nimh charger for people on a budget and does not want to spend 3X as much ..
    this charger is good enough for me and exceeds in completing all my charging needs

    posted by nystorowycz

    Can be recharged 1000 timesPre-charged, usable right out of the package!!!Elegant packaging and battery designRechargeableWorks great in high-drain devicesSo it's easy to use !!To avoid overcharging, use a smart charger that stops charging when the battery's had enough
    Thanks to lower self-discharge rate, you'll discover a lot more applications for this product in your house, such as in clocks and remote controls
    I've been using about 10 Gsyuasa Enitime Pre-Charged for over a year and have not had any problems with them. They are very comparable to Eneloops
  • Good capacity, good value

    posted by JanvL

    Very good capacity, I use the batteries in my DECT phone. Can talk for hours now with the need for a recharge. I cannot tell anything about lifetime yet but I feel it will be OK. The specified capacity may seem not so high but is real. Most other brands specify too high: e.g. 1200mAh but actually only 600mAh in practice. These ones are really at least 750 mAh. Indicated on my digital charger
    I will certainly order more when needed.
    good value for money, good and real capacity specification
  • Battery capacity - 73 % of the declared

    posted by Gagak

    Low price.
    Not suitable for flashlights, but suitable for the GPS-navigators and headlamps.
    The recommended charging current - 700 mAh, the recommended discharging current - 400 mAh with delta V charge control and has temperature and timer protection to eliminate over- and under-charging.
  • Good batteries

    posted by jcmaco

    I've had these batteries for more than a month and they are excellent. My charger (MH-C9000) tells me that the capacity is between 845-855 mAh.
    When the batteries arrived, I discharged the batteries (at 100 mA) and they had between 520-550 mAh left. So about 60% of their charge. I have not tested the self-discharge rate, but it seems to be acceptable. This is a true "hybrid" Ni-Mh.
    Excellent hybrid ni-mh that arrive pre-charged.


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