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nikon speedlight Customers Reviews

  • works 100%

    posted by eljonas

    Works just like expected on my Nikon D5000 with TTL and everything. Zoom can be set manually or to follow lens. Make sure to buy this one (mkII) not the old mkI if you are a Nikon owner.It uses 4x AA batteries available everywhere so you never run out of battery juice.
    Comes packed in a nice box with a soft bag inside.The manual is somewhat hard to understand, easier to just try it out. Zoom is using + button only, to step through the different zoom settings.
    Would buy this one again, works just as good as the original Nikon SB-700.
  • Great product

    posted by SoLuSSoMNiuM

    Much cheaper than Original canon or Nikon (about 5 times). Works fast and It is very good choice for begginers and not only bacause it can be used with other more expensive flashes.
    Other thing when you use it wirelessly is that when you go throught the modes TTL, multiple and manual they blink all the time except TTL mode and at first you decide that you have to press some buttons to make it active but you finally realise that this is the way it works. This is not writen in the manuel book
    Great deal for a great price !
  • Good product for the price

    posted by Quistnix1

    - Inexpensive- Good build quality- Very small and lightweight- Easy to use
    It is a nice gadget. If you have a lightweight tripod for compact cameras, you can put this adapter on it and use it for your speedlight.It is gooed to have an outdoor alternative to the speedlight stands that you can't use everywhere.
    Quite good for its price, but remember that most of the construction is plastic
  • what's not to like

    posted by alextorex

    I don't have prior experience with flash diffusers, but this one looks like a great buy and you can't beat the price. It's a good match to my YN-468II flash, fits well and seems to do its job.
    I'm still learning on the best times to use it, found a useful tutorial on youtube that mentions you should never use it outside and, on the inside, only when you have the flash head tilted(at a 45 degrees angle). So maybe it helps others as well.
    Does its job to diffuse the light around. What more can you ask from a $2.2 piece of white plastic?
  • must have!

    posted by pirusmalus

    It fits much much better (actually perfectly) on my sb600 than the other one which I bought earlier on the other chinese online shop.Also it's a bit larger!
    Diffuser and packaging are really good quality, as I said much better than other one (which was, to be honest cost three times less)
    I have also lambency flash diffuser which is slightly better but also much larger! This diffuser is small and easy to carry with you anywhere, so I would recommend it even if you have lambency flash diffuser!

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