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nikon eye Customers Reviews

  • Perfect

    posted by javjue

    Better as original.
    Cheaper than original.
    Really cheaper than original.
    Fits better than the original. It looks more difficult to lose it.
    I bought two units just in case I'll lost it again, but i think i'm not loosing this because it fits better than the old one. Well, I can't compare cause I lost the original, but as I can remember it fits better.
    Simple, cheap and do the work nice.
  • Perfect, just perfect.

    posted by kippostar

    Looks, feels, attaches and stays on just as well as the original
    I lost the original eyecup thingo while hiking around Italy with the camera around my neck. Bought this and I have absolutely NO idea why anyone would fork over the 25-odd $ Nikon asks for an original replacement.
    If you need a new eye piece, or heck, just want to make sure you have when if you lose original. Get this. Don't even think about it. It is exactly as the original in both fit, feel and look.. (I have a feeling Nikon buys their "originals" from these guys and stamps Nikon on them and octuples the price!
  • Good stuff!

    posted by kitgerrits

    This eyepiece fits snugly on the camera and the rubber side is just as soft as the official Nikon part. I'm very happy with it.
    None at this time.
    Buy a few, just in case you ever lose one. I have a handful and always keep a spare in my bag in case a friend loses his.If you have the older (solid rubber) eyepiece, treat yourself to a comfortable upgrade with this one!
  • Just as good as the one from Nikon

    posted by Tuttle64

    This is just as good as the Nikon original and at less than half the price you can not go wrong. I missed not having an eye cup on my camera as it does a great job protecting the lenses of my glasses.The eye cup clips on securely to the camera eye piece. I don't think that it will fall off any time soon.
    This is a very well made product, as good if not better than the original that it replaced.
    The eye cup clips on securely to the camera eye piece. I don't think that it will fall off any time soon. But I will probably order an extra one to keep in my camera bag just in case I loose this one. With such a great price it pays to have an extra just to protect the $500 lenses of my glasses.
  • Good replacement for the lost piece.

    posted by michalkun

    The size is large, much bigger than the original piece. Easy to install bu sliding in place on the camera's viewer. Solid not cheap looking and feeling plastic. Does not slide off easily, sits firmly on the camera.
    Rubber band around is nice and firm with the eye. Feels comfortable. The piece is not loose and very stable. Probably it will be hard to loose.
    Good product to replace a lost viewer piece. The price is reasonable but could be cheaper.

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