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nikon dslr flash

Every single nikon dslr flash displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Your support is our greatest motivation.

nikon dslr flash Customers Reviews

  • Flash macro Meike

    posted by Maneroax

    Easy to use, good lighting, solid construction. It is possible to activate only one side of the flash and controlling the light intensity everywhere too.
    It gets a little bad for use with inverted lens because it is not possible to fix the lights on the flash head just the thread of the normal macro lens.
    With normal macro lens works very well.
  • A cheap alternative to Pocket wizard

    posted by arunandappan

    Getting it to work once you have removed the packing is a breeze. It was all very easy due to the supplied information. the product is very easy to use and 100% reliable indoors. outside if you are keeping a distance of about less than 15 metres it functions well
    Shipping is slow because of the cheaper costs of transport. .Buying from dx is not a hassle if you have the patience. If you are from India, do not be afraid to use your credit card
    A good buy for my venture into off camera flash photography.
  • Multi functional, wireless flash trigger

    posted by Bananenman

    More functions as just a wireless flash trigger.
    Also useable as wired shutter release (just use the receiver with one of the cables) and you can use the transmitter as an wireless shutter release also.
    Works with AAA batteries (no use of 'special' batteries, AAA batteries are everywhere available)
    I'am happy with the product
  • exelent offer

    posted by TrojaNFlash

    -Very well build quality, good materials, no problem with battery door;
    -Informative screen;
    -Heat protection;
    -Low recycle time - with good batteries full charge really 2 sec;
    -External power source and sync port good addition;
    -Stable illumination intensity;
    Stable work with nikon d90, lamp resource unknown.
    Best offer on the market in target product category.
  • Hot shoe mount problems, otherwise fine

    posted by Cyrena

    Lights tipper works as advertised. There's a shiny reflective surface held out in front of the pop up flash that bounces light up to use the ceiling as a reflector. Tipper does a good job of catching all of the flash so that it doesn't blow out the edges.
    Of course this item works best when there are low ceilings or walls nearby to bounce light off of, and you will need to bump the exposure on your camera to compensate for having less light.
    It's a little bit expensive considering the low build quality, but it will get the job done. If they fix the mount problem, it would be a fine product.

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