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nikon d90 remote control Customers Reviews

  • It works !

    posted by Dilaixtraime

    It works with my Nikon D7000.I still haven't tested the range of the signal, because I use it as a wireless trigger to prevent blur from moving when I take pictures with a telephoto lens.
    I'd appreciate if the transmitter (not the receiver) would be compatible with the Nikon D80 receiver: only one transmitter to carry ! But it doesn't work.
    Finally, it’s a good product, and not cheap. It is not expensive when compared with the products of the Nikon brand.
  • It is good, worth to be small

    posted by FALPC

    Ideal for taking pictures in a remote, without having to resort to the timer of the machine, makes taking good pictures, and oh yes when we are ready loaded on command, without having to go to run timed photography.
    For the price it's not bad, you can not demand much, already tested and works perfectly, I will take many photos without having to use the timer of the machine, and sometimes happen to get a picture with that face of terror, would strongly advise this product.
    Could be a whit of anything larger.
  • Very useful for amateurs or professionals

    posted by davoine

    It works fine. It is not possible to say if it is original or not, but my Nikon D5100 is able to receive its commands :D. Funciona bien. No es posible decir si es original o no, pero mi Nikon D5100 recibe sus comandos :D
    I highly recommend it to everybody. It is an excellent tool for both professional and amateurs.
  • Worth to buy

    posted by al3xchan

    This Remote Wired works perfectly, it served its function nicely. the remote didnt stated any nikon brand in its, so we could assume this are alternative remote for nikon wired shutter.Button is nicely built, not too firm and not too soft, and if u need long shutter pressed, there is a lock function
    The plastic feels cheap but not to worry, u wont notice at all.
    for this range of price, this wired shutter is some alternative you could use for taking some long expose shutter speed. in D7000 you plug it in the GPS slot.
  • Great product

    posted by AquaPlanning

    Works very well. Can be set to separate channels, so if you have multiple camera's you can set them to all click at the same time, or one at a time.
    If you think it does not work, check the settings for the dip switches in the battery compartment.
    Buy! It is very nice to make pictures while you are not touching the camera. People respond much more naturally if you're not looking through the camera lens.

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