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  • Perfect, just perfect.

    posted by kippostar

    Looks, feels, attaches and stays on just as well as the original
    I lost the original eyecup thingo while hiking around Italy with the camera around my neck. Bought this and I have absolutely NO idea why anyone would fork over the 25-odd $ Nikon asks for an original replacement.
    If you need a new eye piece, or heck, just want to make sure you have when if you lose original. Get this. Don't even think about it. It is exactly as the original in both fit, feel and look.. (I have a feeling Nikon buys their "originals" from these guys and stamps Nikon on them and octuples the price!
  • Really Good

    posted by minguitz

    Fits exactlyEverything seems to work fineThe color matches great with the camera, seems like originalI must say that you get a really nice product for the cost and almost nobody noticed it is not original.
    If you are looking for this battery grip, you must get it, it works well, really comfortable and easy to use. Comes with a manual and everything in case you have no idea how to use it.
    Great buy, one of the best made so far
  • Suberb remote for Nikon DSLR

    posted by johankj

    This light and tiny remote works like a charm, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It comes with a battery, so it can be used straight away. The button (there is only one) is beneath the laminated plastic front, so should think it is a little dust and water proof.
    This was a gift for my sisters D40 camera. All we had to do to get i t to work is to set the shooting mode to remote, and we were good to go.
    This is a good addition to your Nikon camera, so you can take remotely triggered shots. Great for tripod shots or family portraits.
  • Equal to original

    posted by Infinity_MC

    Great product, looks the same as the original one.Fits as well as the original. But way cheaper as the original.
    Perfect buy if you need to replace the original nikon screen cover and you dont want to send more than you need to.
    If you dont now how to get rid of youre money then you should buy the original. Otherwise this is the one you need.But the packaging could improve for a save shipping.
  • Overall a good deal

    posted by vazduhuri

    It mostly fits my Nikon D80 and it is a lot cheaper than the original piece. Since I keep loosing them, I thought this might be a more economic alternative. The peace snaps in place and doesn't get out easily.The color of the plastic and rubber are a nice simple black, without any specks or texture.
    The rubber part is a bit stiff, but maybe it will loosen up in time.
    For this small price it has a good value and i believe it is a good deal.


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