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  • A cheap alternative to Pocket wizard

    posted by arunandappan

    Getting it to work once you have removed the packing is a breeze. It was all very easy due to the supplied information. the product is very easy to use and 100% reliable indoors. outside if you are keeping a distance of about less than 15 metres it functions well
    Shipping is slow because of the cheaper costs of transport. .Buying from dx is not a hassle if you have the patience. If you are from India, do not be afraid to use your credit card
    A good buy for my venture into off camera flash photography.
  • Comfortable grip

    posted by dandman3039

    Comfortable ergonomics
    makes portrait photography much easier to frame up
    rubber covering where your non index fingers grasp is better (more secure) than that on the actual nikon body, although it is only glued on.
    easy access to the aperture and shutter dials built into the grip
    two times the battery capacity
    gives active readouts of the different batteries current percentage
    makes he camera look more expensive, like a D3
    Much more balanced when larger lenses are attached
    Much more confidence when holding the camera that I will not accidentally drop it.
    Securely attaches to the camera with the mounting dial
    This grip is well worth the money for its ergonomics, handling, battery capacity, and visual appeal.
    I hope that the failing of the aperture dial is not a common occurrence and my replacement is in good quality. I will update this review if there is anything wrong with my replacement.
  • Fits the Nikon D7000 and SB900

    posted by aurinofilho50

    Very useful to take some shots from short distances. Illuminates all the subjects, I could experience some shadows when taking some field shots, wich this piece is not intended for use, but you have to take some adjusts to the shutter speed, F-stop and even use a ND filter to reduce the light from the speedlight when using a close-up lens adapter. Yes, it fits perfectly to the new Nikon D7000, or even the D90 and D5000 combined with a SB900 speedlight. Forget this accessory if you intend to take shots during a meeting when there are many subjects to appear in your photos
    Fits the Nikon D7000, D90 and D5000. I bought this item to use with a D7000 and the 18-200 VRII Nikkor Lens. Fits with no problems. Your camera looks like a monster when using this thing.
    Fits your camera when you intend to take some close-up shots. You loose the adjustment the Nikon SB900 speedlight takes when you move the zoom back and forth, but this is not an issue to consider.
  • Original remote

    posted by clark17

    - It is indeed the original remote nikon- Wireless remote control- Infrared remote control- Working properly
    I use it in pair with Nikon D7000 DSLR w/out any problems. Helps when camera installed on a tripod. Allows you to shoot yourself. Works easily and without special configuration on a Nikon D7000.
    A useful product for shooting on a tripod and avoid unwanted movements. Works correctly for a third of the price charged in store.
  • Amazing deal! +++

    posted by nhalawani

    Plug and Play.No setup.Very easy to use.Light weight.Very Low Price.Solid Design.
    No effort in using the remote. Only unpack it and hook it to the D80 camera. It works like magic.
    I highly recommend this product. It works exactly as if it were a Nikon remote, no difference at all and the quality is superior. The cable length is more than enough and the shutter release is perfectly designed. I tested both shutter modes and they are both working correctly


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