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nikon d7000 Customers Reviews

  • Yes, it works very well

    posted by paulomauricio

    1) easy and quick connection to the camera. 2) Uses AAA batteries easy to find anywhere. 3) it is you who determines the timing of the photo at a distance. 4) the shutter release button has two stages, such as the camera trigger. One for focus adjustment and the second for the shooting. 5) If you also want to be photographed, the trigger waiting 2 seconds so that you have time to keep the control in your pocket after you shoot the photo.
    You can use it when shooting with long exposure times, so that the camera doesn't stir
    The remote control operates up to 100 m distant from the camera, which allows you to use it to allow photographs of skittish animals. You can choose several command codes to not interfere with others who are also using similar devices
  • Great way to protect D7000 display

    posted by stanleyb7

    Was sick of the standard Nikon D7000 display protection. Using this screen protection there is no need to use original bulky ugly original protector.
    I have used this for more than 2 months now and there was no problem. Installation is easy - make sure that the screen is clear before installation.
    Use this instead of standard Nikon D7000 protector.
  • Perfect, just perfect.

    posted by kippostar

    Looks, feels, attaches and stays on just as well as the original
    I lost the original eyecup thingo while hiking around Italy with the camera around my neck. Bought this and I have absolutely NO idea why anyone would fork over the 25-odd $ Nikon asks for an original replacement.
    If you need a new eye piece, or heck, just want to make sure you have when if you lose original. Get this. Don't even think about it. It is exactly as the original in both fit, feel and look.. (I have a feeling Nikon buys their "originals" from these guys and stamps Nikon on them and octuples the price!
  • So far so good

    posted by dlucas

    * Charges fast;* Holds charge well;* Charge lasts;
    Bought it as a spare battery for my D7000. Charged it upon arrival and put it in the camera, for testing, once my main battery lost all charge.It's been about 3 weeks and the battery is still holding, so it's a very good sign.
    Batteries prove their worth after a good amount of time, so this review might be coming in too early.But so far, the batteries have been doing just fine -- they charge as fast and last as much (maybe a bit more, even, due to being newer) than my
  • works as expected.

    posted by Pradnidge

    1. Bigger handhold, which is important if you have big hands or have a heavy lens or flash attached. 2. Extra shutter button for portraits (vertical orientation).3. Ability to use AA batteries (convenient when you are travelling or if you are the type to forget to charge the batteries) 4. Can use two batteries to double the battery capacity.
    In regards to the battery grip draining the battery, I don't have that problem as the battery grip has a power switch on it, so if you turn the grip off you can still use the camera as normal only the grip won't be operational until you switch it back on.
    Having room for 2 batteries is also fantastic - I know you said you didn't have this problem, but for me, if I'm at an airshow for example, I know and have confidence that I can shoot all day, and fill my memory cards well before I have any issues with batteries dying. Also, if caught in a pinch, the battery grip allows you to use AA batteries to power your camera too.

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