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You can buy cheap nikon d7000 battery from us. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

nikon d7000 battery Customers Reviews

  • Battery C

    posted by Treverfcb

    Good and useful thing to charge batteries of Camera especially when you going somewhere and know that you can't recharge battery for a couple of days. Material quality and finishing is excellent. Charges perfectly. Fits well in the connector during charging. The price for both items (battery and charging kit - is lower than to buy separately. Quality of items is very good. Bought it for my Nikon D 7000.
    Excellent Buy if you love photography especially outdoors. can be a life saver at times.
    Overall good product to go ahead with.
  • works as expected.

    posted by Pradnidge

    1. Bigger handhold, which is important if you have big hands or have a heavy lens or flash attached. 2. Extra shutter button for portraits (vertical orientation).3. Ability to use AA batteries (convenient when you are travelling or if you are the type to forget to charge the batteries) 4. Can use two batteries to double the battery capacity.
    In regards to the battery grip draining the battery, I don't have that problem as the battery grip has a power switch on it, so if you turn the grip off you can still use the camera as normal only the grip won't be operational until you switch it back on.
    Having room for 2 batteries is also fantastic - I know you said you didn't have this problem, but for me, if I'm at an airshow for example, I know and have confidence that I can shoot all day, and fill my memory cards well before I have any issues with batteries dying. Also, if caught in a pinch, the battery grip allows you to use AA batteries to power your camera too.
  • Very good!

    posted by dek3ts

    This is a really nice and clean battery grip for the D7000. Beyond my exceptions, cheap and well made. I would recommend this to all of the D7000 users, you can set a Nikon battery or just regular batteries in it with the extra slide.
    This is perfect for the cheap users who can't effort the real deal battery pack from Nikon. This is also very good, and works perfect! Didn't have any problems with it.
    Recommend this for D7000 users. This is a must have item as photographer. I use this every day.
  • Buy !

    posted by martin.haglund

    Great build, great price. Makes your camera much more comfortable to hold, at least if you got big hands like I have. The ability to use AA batteries if your out of battery power and got no charging possibilities out in the fields.
    I actually did not bought this to extend battery life. I wanted a more comfortable camera and the ability to shoot vertical. But the extenden battery life deos not hurt though :-)
    Great product at a great price, strongly recommended.
  • Works just like the original

    posted by Kiet84

    looks and behaves just like original Nikon EN-EL15attractive priceno problems charging in original EN-EL15 chargerno problems when inserted into D7000
    I've ordered a spare battery from DX before for my Nikon D90, and it worked great, never had an issue. Now I own a D7000 and needed a spare battery. DX did not disappoint, as this looks and behaves the same as my original battery. Can't complain about the price either, as an OEM battery costs around $50.
    get it if you need a spare EN-EL15, can't beat the price. I've looked elsewhere and found nothing similar.

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