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nikon d700 Customers Reviews

  • Good replacement for original battery grip

    posted by cdk

    Good quality. Fits perfect my D300s. All functions work as expected. I use it together with EL4a battery replacement (SKU: 34704) - nice complect
    It's slightly differs from original one and it's evident that it is not Nikon. But for this price I didn't expect better quality.
    Good replacement for the right price.
  • Good one

    posted by izakcz

    I am use MeiKe long time on many nikons. This is professional and working grips, maybe exist cheaper with same quality, but this is quality brand and all what make is good, working and is usable long time.I have 3 grips, 1 on D200(wok many year) and 2 for D700, one is broken, don't work battery in grip, but i am use this grip as professional 4 year ... control work, i am buy new and all work OK ... this is OK, My college use very cheap grip from noname brand and work only 1/2 year ;-)MK is identical copy of NIKON genuine, work all, no added function, 100% copy as same quality
    When need vertical grip, buy this, this is cheaper as NIKON original, but same quality and all work OKI am use this on D700 and i am happy, i am save many ;-)
  • fine work & compatible with D90

    posted by ADiana

    Perfect fit for camera Nikon D90.Works fine.Battery charges as well as the original.Good quality of build.Delivery was fast. Everything took about 2 weeks
    I would recommend to a friend.
    I bought another one, and have the original battery. Works fine, so as not to lose a shot, always keep close the second charged battery. For the price it's still a good deal. I would recommend to a friend.
  • Works great!

    posted by Orky86

    Delivers exactly what you can expect. I use these together with a 2,5 to 3,5mm-adapter to use with my Nikon cameras and PocketWizard Plus III. They have all the necessary connections so that you can use the half-press as well.
    I am in love. I shoot a lot of sports with remote cameras behind the net in soccer etc. And about every fourth game a camera gets shot down. The cables connections seems to be the weak breaking point as I have had more than a handful destroyed by footballs... This is a pro for me, since the cameras and PocketWizards remain unharmed.
    If you can live without the "always half-press" feature of the official cables you can build your own remote camera cables for like 5 dollars if you buy these and SKU 2662. I regulary use these, and can confirm that they work, with the following Nikon DSLRs:D300, D300s, D3s, D4, D700, D800.
  • Simple and easy to use device

    posted by mef1stofel

    Easily connected to the camera.Does not require any configuration.Is a function of retention bolt (fixed button pressed).Ideal for shooting with a tripod.High quality materials.
    Ideal for shooting with a tripod, shooting with a large or manual exposure - the camera will not shake when you press the shutter release button.
    Quality device for small price!You should buy this if you intend to shoot with a tripod, especially on large exposures!

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