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nikon cameras Customers Reviews

  • Good product, especially for this price

    posted by hboasson

    Small and lightweight. A must for me: Nikon Coolpix P500 suggests the battery should be charged only inside the camera, so I must decide: Either take pictures wit an extra battery or charge the empty one. Now I have a second charging option for a very low price and can do both: Charge and shoot at the same time.Its so light it's no problem to carry it always with me in the bag.
    While at it I also added an extra battery. I only have to remember to use both equally often.
    I'm happy we met, especially at DX.
  • Clear solution to protect your camera LCD

    posted by xsleepyhead

    It is made of glass, not plastic film, and it has a sticker around the edge, so it does not leave air bubbles at all. The quality is fine, it looks nice. It is very clean, does not disturb the image, and there is almost no color changing or any other artifacts. It fits D5100 screen perfectly.
    Be extremely careful when installing the protector. In general, it is very easy, but... if you didn't align it properly at the first time, it is quite difficult to 'unstick' it to move: the sticker is very strong.
    I would recommend it to everyone to protect the screen.
  • Godd Quality, Super price

    posted by raymex

    - Good build quality
    - Easy to attach over LCDs
    - Looks like original LCD surface, not easy to detect its presence
    - Perfectly aligns with LCD's
    Good quality product. Easy to apply on LCDs. There is adhesive at the edges of
    the protector which aligns to the black regions at the edges of original LCD's.
    So when applied there exists no visible artifacts on the LCD. You even forget
    that there is a protective surface on the LCD :)
    Packaging of the product is good and protectors are also have protection material
    applied on them (a plastic film that is usually found on LCDs of cellphones.)
  • Better than I expected!

    posted by waffle

    I didn't expect this to be easy to use. At this price, I figured I'd get something functional but poorly designed, but no, this is actually pretty good. Setting times is performed via a thumb wheel on the side, which you click inward to move between seconds, minutes, and hours, and rotate to select numbers. Very useable!
    Build quality is better than most cheap cable releases, but certainly not to the standards of the much more expensive Canons and Nikons.
    It also has a standard locking release button, which requires no battery power. Nice!
    If I could get this in a wireless version, I'd be even happier :) I usually use a wireless release for long exposures, but this should be more practical.
    It's expensive for a 'cheap' release, but much cheaper than the brand name alternatives.
  • Another great DX photo product.

    posted by Macksi

    Very simple to use.
    Fits all 10-pin camera connectors.
    Great build quality.
    Extremely useful: you can now take "bulb" exposition pictures without having to keep your finger on the trigger.
    Costs more than 30$ for the same product (under another manufacturer name, but the quality is the same) in some photo shops.
    It is always useful to have one, you never know when it can come handy. Every photographer should have one in his camera bag.

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