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nikon ai lens Customers Reviews

  • Good pricing and works as it should

    posted by omegacs

    have got good nikon 50mm lenses lying around and decided to get one of these ring for to mount my nikon lens (primes) to my canon body. it serves its function, though DX might want to consider bringing in the one with confirmation chip in it, it might be more useful.
    If you've got good old Nikon lenses lying around, buy one of this. You'll lose your ability to auto focus though
  • Fitting Problems on D80

    posted by samuraijack

    Seams to be of good build quality, its cheap and Useful.
    I took a rasp and a angle grinder and removed the metal (about 1mm) around the second ring. Now it fits perfectly. (With a angle grinder about 10minutes of work)
    With a little bit of work you get a perfect fit, cheap Reversal Filter Adapter Ring.
  • Good product

    posted by kac1973

    Product very cheap compared to what you can buy on Ebay, Amazon and co.screws nicely on my soviet Jupiter 9 objective very cheap can be used to DIY upgrade of webcam with objective of photographic quality
    adapter is ideal for those that want to try taking pictures with old lenses, but I believe that it is better to buy AI Lens Adapter (for example http://www.dx.com/p/m42-ai-lens-adapter-ring-for-m42-lens-converts-to-nikon-ai-15476) for those who want to fully use the lenses with M42 thread
    So to use this adapter, i will glue it to a lighttightly sealed box with a webcam or something else.
  • Great job, it does what it is supposed to do

    posted by JuanEJMR

    Good adapter for Nikon Lens to Olympus Micro 4/3 mount. It does it quite good, with no looseness. It's secure to mount even heavy lenses.Of course no electronics, only manual modes.I can use all of my nikkor lenses, and also the sigma and the tamron. No differences. They all attached smoothly.
    All the lenses were engage tightly. There are no gaps, or unwanted movements between the lenses the adapter ring and the camera.
    I think it's worth the money I invested in this gadget. It works fine, better than other more expensive adapters you could find in the web.I higly recommend this purchase if you want to use your Nikon mount lenses in your micro 4/3 camera.
  • Works as it should

    posted by pilhoverman

    works as it should. simple, does not put too much pressure on the camera mount or on the lens, even if you use filters. does its job.
    simplest and cheapest way to do macro. not only allows you to do macro with your normal lens, means you won't have to carry an extra macro lens with you. cool.
    cheap, simple, works perfect. recommended. i use it on both my 35mm 1.8 and my old manual focus 50mm 1.8. works great on both, but specially on the old 50mm 1.8 as manual focus ring works best and it has an aperture dial.

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