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night vision wireless Customers Reviews

  • Nice camera, nasty software

    posted by vdbolt

    Very nice cheap camera with relatively good night vision quality. In daylight the colors don't look that good, but for surveillance it is more than enough. Can also be used together with Synology NAS equipment.
    The lens has a relatively narrow overview. For surveillance purposes a wider angle would have been better.
    Cheap camera, and once installed, good for surveillance work.
  • Very good baby monitor

    posted by RamiP

    We use this baby monitor for several months on daily use. the product is very good, the video quality is pretty good and clear, the night vision is good enough to see the baby. The receiver unit is very light. the build quality is good, the receiver fell on the floor few times and nothing happened :-)
    It was also nice if the camera was also running on rechargable batteries.
    A very good baby monitor for a good price!
  • Nice ,cheam ip cam.

    posted by ktheking

    -it actually works-a client app is available for android,blackberry,iphone/ipad-pretty easy to setup using the added software-WPA2 wifi supported too-cheap considering the features-for europe customers : powersupply has european (not uk,norus) socket.
    I'm still in the process to make this audio work.The purpose is to use this cam ,in an outdoor situation where it will be used as door intercom.The bell will be double wired to this alarm system ( SKU : 101889 ) that will warn me trough cell phone.-some more detailed information should be added for developers or people wanting to customize it ,and use it in their environment or application-would be nice if the cam would not only be able to send a mail warning message ,but add a snapshot too.-a nice feature on this cam would have been an output for electronic devices for alarm purposes
    Overall I'm pretty happy of the purchase ,but since my experimenting with it was only limited to a few hours ,I'll need to update this review again to post some more findings.So in short I can confirm this cam works for mjpeg video streaming. I can't confirm on audio streaming. I'm still searching for a client that's able to stream the audio.
  • good product to buy

    posted by igalkin

    Good device for child care at a distance. The big screen. Good image quality. Very visible in the dark, when the light is turned off at all.
    It is not enough clips on the camera, so you can fix for a buggy or other object.
    I recommend to all moms who want to see their child 24 hours a day))) very easy and safe. Turned on and all!
  • Good choice, but you need to make some fixes!

    posted by XaoS87

    - Very good build quality as for me. (Except broken pixels I have..)
    - You can adjust image quality (focus) by regulating inner lens (you can unscrew camera's front head without bolts)
    - IR lights power is very good
    - Camera's sensor is very good for indoor use (but big issue for outdoor - see cons)
    - You can find some tools and firmware updates at the MayGion's site. (their site sometimes down)
    - You can use /videostream.cgi for video streaming, or just MJPEG by requesting /snap.jpg continuously.
    Please note, you should add "?usr=admin&pwd=admin" (v3.1 firmware) to the each query (without "). Of course if admin:admin is your login:password.
    Please note, for firmware v3.0 use "?usEr=admin&pwd=admin"... Yes, just letter "E" is the difference.
    - If you use 320x240 you'll not experience any issues with camera's sensor like described in cons.
    Russian/Ukrainian winter too cold sometimes...
    - I'm going to use it outdoor even in winter, so I need additional heater inside it.
    I've designed small improvement to my camera: you can buy 12V heater replacement (for soldering station for example) $3-10, insert it inside the camera to the bottom side, make good connection between it and the camera's box using thermal paste (like for cooler for CPU) and connect it with small thermal relay (which turns on when temperature below 0 or even 10 degrees).
    Than just connect this items to the power source wires. Make sure that you have enough power from supply: camera wants about 1A, my heater 0.6-1A, so I've replaced power supply with 12V 2A...
    I'm developing surveillance system for friend's store. So it's not expensive good choice, after spent my 10 nights on debugging/research/fixes...
    I'm very advise you to upgrade firmware to the latest one. But please, read upgrading manual carefully! It's easy, just uploading some files through FTP to the camera...

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