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night vision camcorder Customers Reviews

  • Well worth the money

    posted by BikerRay

    Sharp picture in the daytime. Very easy to use. Lots of options: resolution, video can be flipped, auto-starts on power-up, etc. Windshield mount very nice and compact. Comes with car power cable and USB cable. Easy to copy files to PC.Unit is very small and a nice bright display. Has time stamp. Files are organized into daily folders, which is handy.
    A dash cam has to be easy to use and have decent quality video, nothing more. This one does that very well. I use 720 line resolution, as it gives me 30fps frame rate. With 1080 line, it drops down to 24 fps.Haven't been able to get the web camera function working, but don't need it for that anyway.
    If you want a cheap dash camera, this one is excellent. I would imagine you'd have to spend a lot more to get anything better. I have recommended it to friends; great deal.
  • Good for LQ, not HD

    posted by ThirtyPCA

    Very small and light. Comes with a good mount, and a very long cable so you can string it through your car's interior.
    The default language is Chinese, but can be set to English. This is NOT an HD camera. This may or may not pick up plate numbers. If your expectation is to make a GoPro style movie, this is not for you. However, I purchased this strictly for a "prove that it is not my fault" purpose, and this is suitable for that. If you want to prove whose fault it is (that is, pick out plate numbers), you may not get that.
    Whether you want to get this or another camera depends on your expectations, and what you want out of it. If you want to say "not me", this is fine. If you want to be more specific to say "it was him", you might want a more expensive camera.
  • Seems to be a good gadget for about $60

    posted by ngrigoriev

    - quite good build quality (quite surprising for a product that does not carry the name of the manufacturer anywhere ;) )
    - works out of the box
    - about 256Mb per 5 minutes of recording at maximum rate/resolution
    - simply to copy the videos via USB, works with Mac
    - night vision is working
    - the suction mount for the car is quite solid and attaches securely to the windshield
    Still trying to decide if I should leave the camera in the car always connected or take it with me. Sometimes the kids break the windows even for a cheap cellphone left in the car...This camera is not so simple to disconnect if you want to keep the mount attached - you need to remove the power cable, unscrew the camera from the mount by rotating it. It would be nice to have some kind of simple quick mount attachment for the camera.
    Certainly nice gadget for its price
  • Sunny

    posted by cwfsc

    Received the gadget today. It is instead worth waiting. The plastic casing fits very well. Although the casing material can't campare with branded models, it has decent quality & feel. The camcorder is packed with features to suit various needs. Took an indoor short video this evening and it was quite ok. The battery is a common Nokia's 2nd generation type. Connecting the Cam to PC will start charging the battery only. My PC recognises the Cam once it is turned on. The common DCIM & MISC subdirectories can be accessed easily. Yet to explore the capability of the 'engine' at this point in time. I use a 8GB Class SDHC, it works. I put a 16GB Class 10 SDHC in, th Cam also works. The camera is light. It should not be any problem if someone decided to use it as CarCam. Suction cup mouting tool is provided. After received this Cam, I regret paying US$120 for a Spotcam less than a month ago.
    I am to mount this camcorder onto my Remote Control TX for taking Video on my RC planes & Quadcopters flys.
    "Value For Money". Strongly recommended.
  • 5.0MP CMOS car DVR Camcorder/HDMI/

    posted by rumen82

    Good video camera, easy to install and use, good quality of the picture, beutiful vision, good vision angle, satisfactory quality of the materials
    May be with bluetooth will be better. Optical zoom of 3x is good idea.
    Very Good purchase for that price

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