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night light lamp Customers Reviews

  • Cute light plant

    posted by JennyWu

    Easy to use,... Just plug-in and the light sensor works pretty well, the LED "mushroom will automatically off when the room is bright and glow when room is dark. The 3 LED mushrooms light changes colours and glow brighter when the room gets darker. Overall, the qualilty is not bad and the plant looks cute.
    It serves as a good deco item or as a gift.
    I like it. Is fun to re-arrange the leaves and mushrooms in different directions. Is even fun just looking at the LED lights glow in the dark and changes colour.. :)
  • beautiful night light

    posted by sebasg21

    beautiful night light, sleep special rooms where light is the Light Sensor Activated enciente 0.2W 3-LED Colorful Night Lamp Light goes out, is barbaric, product 100% recommended
    I use it for my baby's room is excellent. I can see clearly and I can sleep as if he had no light, it's just what I wanted for this product
    excellent product, economical, high benefit, recommend and would buy without hesitation
  • Great product

    posted by oranyum

    Excellent product, allows persistent connection to electricity - and turns on only when the room is dark.this Light-Activated Heart Shaped Nightlights used in my baby's room and does not require a power cut in the morning, that because the sensor does an excellent job putting out the light when the window opens and the light comes.
    maybe the blue color is more appropriate as sleeping light
    Excellent product, very sensitive light sensor provides a soft light pink color which does not interrupt sleeping the night.Save More power thanks to internal LEDs
  • very usefulll

    posted by Edfritz

    it is great to use in rooms with difficult acess to the light switch. The lamp automatic turns on when it gets dark.As the power consumption is low, even staying the whole night on, it will not make a significant change in the utilities bill.
    no change in the eletrical installation is necessary, you only need to have an available power outlet.
    i am going to use in room of our baby, so the room will never be in the dark and the light will not disturbe the baby during the night.
  • Mine has a touch on/off switch!

    posted by cadocado

    Note, I got a different light, read on!I love these little lights. They take almost no power, but they are great reading lights. The colour is warm-white. It gives a lot of light, those leds are very bright. Read on!
    First of all, I got a different device than you see in the picture. Any USB light requires just 3 leds and 3 resistors (small black squares). But mine has 5 more components: An 8 pin chip, a 3 pin chip (can be a mosfet or transistor) and three other parts like resistors or capacitors.It turns out that the back of my light is an on/off switch! It's just touch operated. Touch the plastic and it switches! Weird. Amazing. Anoying when you don't know because it seems broken. It switches on and off when you touch it. When you know how it works: Useful.3 LEDs take 0.14 amps at 5V. I disabled one LED. Now it uses only 0.09 amps, it stays cooler and it's better for reading - it's not so silly bright anymore.
    Like. I like the on/off switch, now I know about it.

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