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Check out the great nicotine refill to see if there is any that suits you. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

nicotine refill Customers Reviews

  • Great, cheap and less deadly than real cigarettes

    posted by Juiffi

    Comes with three cartridges that have tobacco flavour and 11mg/ml nicotine content. One cartridge lasts more than one day, for me at least. I have not changed mine yet and I've had it for 2 days. It depends on your smoking habits.The price is neat. Costs less than a pack of cigarettes.The automatic on/off switch works really well. Vapour is thick enough to meet my needs. I was a casual smoker and smoked around 1/2 pack a day.
    To me the battery is not a problem, I get the chance to charge it every now and then. And USB ports are everywhere nowadays.
    Great e-cig for great price. It introduces you to the world of e-cigs and helps you quit smoking.
  • Good Stuff!

    posted by gedrik

    Works well with SKU: 113617It has more of a pepermint taste than a mint flavor. The amount you get for the price is very good!
    Would buy again, but I moved onto bigger e-cigs.
    Do a research on a Vamo, Provari, Sigelei, and other ecig mods. The look alike ecigs will only satisfy you to a point, that you need a bigger battery and device.
  • Small Auto PV

    posted by normanchee

    Using the 510 connector, it works with all the 510 atomizers that i have. Doesnt last so long. about 90mah only but really good for vaping in the car when driving. Plus it very light so you can dangle it from your mouth like a regular analogue cigarette.
    Works very well with Vision Nano low resistances. Vapes clouds of vapor and small enough to carry around 3-4 batteries in your pocket.
    Small and totally useful. Swap out the atomizers for anything with a 510 connector. Great for beginners and a welcome addition for advanced vapers.
  • Very low nicotine!

    posted by cedricfan

    As all refills easier to use than liquid and cheap in comparison to cigarettes.
    Tobacco tatse could be stronger, now this tastes nothing other than the sweet taste of the liquid it self.
    Buy only when you are just about to quit "e-smoking" totally. Changing from cigarettes to the low nicotine e-cigarette is far too dramatic change.
  • Great Product

    posted by jthia

    Solid built, simple application, relatively cheap.
    Hopefully they will make white color refills, a total white ecig will look extremely classy.
    Shipping took about 3 weeks to arrive, got it in a package form and it was neat. Took it right out of the box and start puffing away. Great product, get a few and start enjoying!!!

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