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Every single ni mh rechargeable aa displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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ni mh rechargeable aa Customers Reviews

  • Best you can get/buy!!!

    posted by MarcReick

    These batteries are realy onze of THE best I know and that I have ever bought! I bought them alreeds for THE second Time and would buy them again when I have another demand for batterijen!
    You can also Buyten batteries together with THE adapter. I An sure you Will be happy with it.
    Best you can get and buy. They are not very cheap, but They are of a realy goog quality. Do not droget to buy THE charger As well , also this is a very good device .
  • advisable

    posted by adriancostoya

    economical and effective rechargeable batteries. They can be used on any device. The load is maintained for a long time which shows the battery specified in milliamps. I've used them on many devices and does not deform or lose its content.
    Nothing to add.
    As recommended and benefit outweighs the cost. Hatsa now are the best I've had non-recognized brand. If the behavior is intended that it is better to abstain.
  • GOOD strong AA batteries / accumulators

    posted by modreamarin

    Nice price for a set of two AA batteries which are almost 3000 mAh: from 2700 to 2830 mAh, at least after six weeks'time of use and three recharges.
    Great buy, convenient price, nice package. Never heard of the brand before, but it seems OK! Also, this product appears as "GooP" or "GodP" on the site, so it can get a little confusing...
    Heartily recommended!
  • Bateria Recarregável 3.6V 700mAh

    posted by Xuzinho

    There is not much that can be said about pro and cons on this rechargeable battery.It's tough.Universal adapters to fit any deviceWires secure.Supports 700mAh what does last a long time of use without need to place the device to reload again.
    As usual when I buy new rechargeable batteries for most devices I have, I installed the battery the first time in my machine and the same loading mative continuously for 12 hours or more.After that, I removed the device from the charger and kept in use or off the base until completely unload.Then put it to recharge again for 12 hours or more and you're done.This lasted about 5 days without recharging, on days with much use.
    Great battery!It worked fine on my Motorola wireless phone.
  • Good Battery

    posted by Argorum

    Cheap recargable batteries. Can be use as you get out of the box. Nice package, avoid transport damages. The first recharge was very quick, i'm waiting for the next but it seems ok.
    Very good deal for a few dollars. Can be used in any recharger. Soported for every device
    Very good batteries for low cost. They can be used in any product like every normal AA battery. I'm looking fordwar to determine if they are for long use or not. Very good performance so far.

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