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ni mh pack Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and may be defective, but works

    posted by burkaygenc

    Works (I guess).
    Small and portable.
    Cheap and useful.
    They recharged my AA and AAA batteries. So I guess they are ok.
    If you need a really cheap battery charger, go for this one but be ready for a defective product.
  • Batteries good quality

    posted by kozokar

    Batteries pretty good quality. Batteries are included with plastic case, it is very convenient to carry. It's an excellent buy. I've been using them on my remotes and they last as long as other batteries that I own from much more prestigious brand. So yeah if you need batteries and want them cheap, buy these you won't regret it. Being used on remotes they've been lasting about 1 to 2 months between charges.
    I have no way to test the power, if they are 1000mAh.Missing information> is or not pre-recharged.
    Come with a plastic case which is useful for storage and protection of batteriesAll in all, excellent battery life for a little money, and with excellent quality and durability of the battery.And the bottom line is that these are one of the best batteries available at this price range and although they're cheaper than the ones toy might find at your local supermarket, they're as good or even better.
  • Great batterys!

    posted by Agneta

    Really great!
    The battery's have a noticeable greater output power than normal cheap battery's here around.
    One thing is certain, they improve the effect of my Green 50mW-laser well!
    Clear as a day!
    You need a charger!
    I used one I found at home stored in some old box, and it worked perfectly!
    If you ever need some re-chargeable battery's containing a little bit more power and love than those you get cheap at your regular store, this is the ones for you.
    The price and the power is really non-arguable!
  • Just what I needed

    posted by Statikonline

    I often shop at a local discount/refurb store and make purchases from their returns shelf. The most common fault I find is dead batteries. These batteries were a perfect replacement for a set of cordless phones I purchased for $5. The local cost for these batteries is over $20 a piece which is much more than I paid for the phones. DX batteries have higher specs and are one tenth the cost. Excellent deal
    The connector style on these batteries makes use in a multitude of different phones easy. I have 4 different styles of cordless phones that I have used these batteries in and they have always fit perfectly.
    A great deal on replacement batteries. Makes keeping your cordless phones powered a breeze.
  • Good batteries!

    posted by BlackTrack

    Very good rechargeable batteries. Carefully packed into useful plastic box. I use them in tourust led lamp and RC toys, works great!
    All batteries came to me without any scratch or damage, all of them works great and has long lifetime. Big capacity batteries, very useful for devices with high power consumption. Can replace any common AA batteries in you house. Discharged? Just recharge and use it on!
    I'm fully satisfied with this batteries. Great product with great quality.

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