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ni mh battery Customers Reviews

  • Great deal

    posted by karlos1962

    Well madeLooks expensiveHolds charge longer than I expectedVery low discharge rate when not in use tooWeights like a block... and good batteries arent lightweighted so this one is really good.The ones I bought months before are still working perfect with very very few recharges
    Price is a bargain for this quality product.If you plan to buy, do like I did and buy a bunch so you can get even more better prices.Remember to refresh (full discharge/recharge sometimes so it can be great longer)
    If you use 9V batteries like I do you know how much they costs and recycling is a must, so use this rechargeable and you will save a lot of money in a short time
  • Very good rechargeable batteries

    posted by Reiperuzzoo

    Very good quality. Hold more time then the others that i had and tested. Good price.
    If you want good quality and good price, go for it. Will be replacing my ond batteries on my cordless handset.
    Good batteries, good price and well built.
  • Excellent batteries, great price

    posted by sassykitty101

    + Cheap!+ It has near the 2500mAh of capacity as advertised!+ They came precharged+ Seems to be real LSD technology (hold the charge very well) + They appear good looking (labeling)+ Can feed high currents+ The cheapest x4 pack of AA LSD NiMh batteries sold here (among the quality ones)Bought these not expecting much. I must say I'm pleasantly surprised, I charged these to use with my camera about one month ago, and so far have not had to recharge them and I used my camera allot over the holidays so I am really surprised.
    These batteries have completely lived up to my expectations so far. Excellent product.I conclude saying that these batteries worth the price. 100% recommended!
    I love these batteries as I have wasted so much money on other rechargeable batteries and after a while you just get tired of paying so much for something that does not last and are always having to recharge them every time you use them.
  • Excellent cost for an xbox 360 controller battery

    posted by esteekoh

    - Clips in perfectly to the controller
    - Durable
    - Easy to use, no reading instructions or anything
    You should get this if you want a battery that is cheap and it works. Nothing really fancy about this battery, just the battery and a cable. You won't have to waste anymore money on batteries and constantly changing them if you're a hardcore gamer :)
  • Not so good...but who cares, look at price!

    posted by MantiCore

    Price, actually. "Brand" is more than $10. Works OK, no heat or exploding.
    This type batteries are used in places which should have 7-9 volts and very few ampers. And it's no matter - 260 mAh you have, 200 or even 100. You buy 2 of them, buy charger and change. It's enough for week or two even during heavy use.
    Good alternative for expensive brands. Recommend to buy 2-pack and charger. There are cool chargers 9V/AA/AAA

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