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ni mh aa pack Customers Reviews

  • Excellent rechargeable battery

    posted by lucasassis

    These rechargeable batteries are perfect. There are no other AA battery with such a high mAh. In other words, these batteries last longer than any other one, for every application. You can use it on your camera, remote control, videogame controller, radio, toys, etc. Their price is really low.
    I suggest you to buy also some battery holders, in order to distinguish which battery is charged and which is not. If you place all of them in the same place, you will never be sure if a given battery is full or not.
    I have replaced my old 1000mAh batteries for these ones, and they really last three times longer.
  • Good non-LSD NiMH batteries.

    posted by M4GIC

    Feels like 2600 mAh is correct (don't have equiptment to test)
    Don't look overly cheap.
    Don't feel flimsy or plasticy
    Not overly large diameter; fits in my devices, unlike some rechargables (mainly old NiCd cells)
    Not toxic like the old NiCd
    Shiny! :P
    If you need some cells for quick usage, get these. If you plan on using them in low-drain or low-use devices (remote controls, emergency use flashlights, etc) get some LSD NiMH cells instead (Sanyo EneLoop, GP Recyko+, etc.)
  • Johnny

    posted by Zonet

    2700 mah ( i think even more....) i have tested several brand batteries, but these batteries are far the best till now! It takes several hours to recharge these batteries, but then you have quality batteries!If you dont need 4 batteries at the same time, you can easy store the other batteries in the green case.
    If you don' t need such heavy batteries of 2700 mah, soshine has several batteries (aa and aaa) with different amps! Just search on " soshine" and you will find them all.
    These are very good batteries comparing with other batteries of 2700 mah. Buy these batteries and you have a lot of pleasure with this quality product.
  • Good packages x2

    posted by SamMacco

    Good packed batterys and well built too,no leaking or anything and price was cheap.Usually these batterys must load first but these were full and now they are on my walkie talkies which use a lot of batterys.Now it seems that these are much more usable than nothing else before these.I do not know about actual size of the batterys but these are doing just fine and are poverfull and I am very glad to say it!
    Good deal indeed!"900 mAh cant be right because walkie talkies keep working!
    For walkie talkies and all kind of toys that use batteries.
  • Good Battery

    posted by Argorum

    Cheap recargable batteries. Can be use as you get out of the box. Nice package, avoid transport damages. The first recharge was very quick, i'm waiting for the next but it seems ok.
    Very good deal for a few dollars. Can be used in any recharger. Soported for every device
    Very good batteries for low cost. They can be used in any product like every normal AA battery. I'm looking fordwar to determine if they are for long use or not. Very good performance so far.


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