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  • Good load in a reasonable price

    posted by rgroliveira

    Size equal to the standard battery. You can replace a standard battery without problems. It is ideal for portable devices.
    Environmentally friendly.
    For the cost / benefit I recommend purchasing this product. Know that the voltage and capacity of a rechargeable battery is much smaller than an alkaline battery, but the possibility of recharging multiple times worth the cost and is environmentally friendly.
  • Not an expert

    posted by kaltuzak

    - Since I'm not an expert on batteries, it's being working fine for few months on my clock.
    - It's cheap, at least cheaper than buing anything here.
    Maybe the pack could be a bit prettier, a better visual, other than that there isn't much to change here.
    Works pretty well on my needs. Can't complain much about prices and it is rechargable. In my country where a battery costs the same as a pack of 20 in USA, I don't even dare to buy one that I can't recharge, and the nature thanks you for that.
  • Think it´s better than it looks

    posted by RodLophus

    Cheap. Relatively well finished. 300mAh capacity (not confirmed yet). Mine is holding charge very well - even on some energy-hungry equipments. Have charged it only a couple times, but it looks ok.
    Despite the basic finishing (there no metal can or plastic shell: this one is "wrapped" in a thin metalized label, but it looks to have an adequate plastic housing underneath) and "generic" looking, I´m really impressed with the performace of this battery so far. It holds charge very well! Outperformes some GP-branded battery I was using
    A good battery for a good price! The ony drawback is the all-chinese label
  • A good charger

    posted by jorgedemoraes

    A full charge on AA batteries takes about 4 hours. Charged batteries seem to work great so far. The device does not heat up too much. It's very ease to use. I compared the voltage shown on the LCD with my multimeter and there's no significant error.
    The universal charger took 42 days to get my address in Brazil. That's not bad considering other suppliers.
    Not a great product, does not have such an attractive price, but it works very well.
  • Good lifetime

    posted by BoxterSS

    This type is commonly used in pocket radios, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, guitar effect units, electro-acoustic guitars and radio-controlled vehicle controllers. They are also used as backup power to keep the time in certain electronic clocks.
    They all have a rectangular shape; the dimensions are height 48.5 mm, length 26.5 mm, width 17.5 mm (or 1.9"x1.0"x0.68"). Both terminals are at one end and their centres are 12.7 mm apart.
    I reccomend this item who have things who use 9v batteries,because is expensive to use non recharable batteries

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